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Let’s Get Crafty: Bleached Johnny Bench t-shirt

A friend of mine is a big Cincinnati Reds fan, and especially a fan of the greatest catcher of all-time, Johnny Bench. Tomorrow I will be giving him his own bleached Bench t-shirt. I don’t believe he is a reader of the blog, so I feel safe showing it here without ruining the surprise…

bleached Johnny  Bench shirt

I have made several of these bleached t-shirts. My youngest son likes Joey Votto (see that shirt here, and several people have asked for R.A. Dickey shirts (here). I have also done some other non-baseball shirts for myself, including Edgar Allan Poe and Skeletor. If you like what you see, or if you have a special request, send me an e-mail (jasontcarter at gmail dot com) and we’ll try to work something out.

(Note: The white stuff on the right side of the picture is residue from the wax paper that will wash out. It’s not a part of the design.)

By the power of Grayskull!

I’ve wanted a He-Man themed t-shirt for quite some time now, but the only ones I’ve ever seen in my size (“too big to still watch cartoons”) are uberexpensive. I’m not rolling in dough, people. So last night, I picked up a few clearance t-shirts at a local department store and went to work. And now, I have my very own Skeletor t-shirt!

Yes, I finally have a He-Man themed t-shirt!

For those nosy people out there who are wondering what all that junk is behind me, that’s one of my bookshelves in my man-cave. On the top are some souvenir baseballs, Starting Lineup figures, and an autographed baseball and card from Chris Sabo. Then there are some Masters of the Universe figures, bobbleheads, and baseball cards on the shelves themselves.

Let’s get crafty: homemade Joey Votto t-shirt

Yesterday I showed you our homemade Doctor Who t-shirt…tonight we’ve got Joey Votto for you to behold.

I’ve decided to go ahead and offer these for sale…check out my Etsy shop if you think you’re interested.

UPDATE: Don’t want Votto? No problem. Tell me what player you’d be willing to pay for, and I’ll see what I can do. Already have an R.A. Dickey design in the works. As long as I can find a good source photo to work from, anything is possible. E-mail me at jasontcarter at gmail dot com and we’ll work something out.

Let’s get crafty: home-made Doctor Who shirt

Don’t you just love the internet and all the great ideas you can get from it? Thanks to The Daily What, I know have an awesome way to make custom, one-of-a-kind t-shirts.

My first two attempts did not work. The spray bottle I started with didn’t have a “mist” setting, it was more like “squirt or nothing.” My wife then stepped in and helped out, and this is the result:

Yes, a Doctor Who t-shirt in the USA!

We have several other ideas in mind, and whenever we get aorund to attempting them, you’ll see the successful results!

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