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Blackberry Smoke – Little Piece of Dixie (2010)

Blackberry Smoke
Little Piece of Dixie
Bama Jam Records, 2010
47 minutes

More country than southern rock, Blackberry Smoke’s Little Piece of Dixie is a fine foot-stomper that kicks off with the mid-tempo “Good One Comin’ On” (written by Lee Roy Parnell, David Lee Murphy, and Gary Nicholson). That song, as well as a few others, would fit right in on commercial country radio playlists. “Up In Smoke” is an upbeat “hillbilly hoedown” that is no doubt a popular live number, while “Who Invented the Wheel” slows it down to lament a relationship gone bad.

Country music is one of the most openly patriotic genres, and Blackberry Smoke is no exception, inviting listeners to “sing along to my freedom song.” Little Piece of Dixie closes with a stellar bonus track featuring George Jones and Jamey Johnson singing with Charlie Starr on Willie Nelson’s “Yesterday’s Wine.” While Blackberry Smoke will not make anyone forget Lynyrd Skynyrd or even Confederate Railroad, the band is a solid additon to the country rock tradition.

Blackberry Smoke signed on with Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Artists label last year, as Bama Jam Records is now defunct. The band has toured with ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd and is currently on the road with Eric Church. Click here to see their upcoming concert schedule.

1. Good One Comin’ On
2. Like I Am
3. Bottom of This
4. Up In Smoke
5. Sanctified Woman
6. Who Invented the Wheel
7. I’d Be Lyin
8. Prayer for the Little Man
9. Restless
10. Shake Your Magnolia
11. Freedom Song
12. (bonus track) Yesterday’s Wine (w/ George Jones & Jamey Johnson)

The band:
Charlie Starr (vocals, guitar, pedal steel & banjo)
Paul Jackson (guitar, vocals)
Richard Turner (bass, vocals)
Brandon Still (Hammond B-3, piano)
Brit Turner (drums)

Check out the video for “Up In Smoke” below:

Learn more about Blackberry Smoke.

Learn more about Southern Ground Artists (the band’s current label).

Purchase Little Piece Of Dixie at the Blackberry Smoke store (it’s a lot cheaper than Amazon).

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