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Christmas gift ideas for action figure lovers

Funko popped up on my radar several years ago with their “Pop” vinyl collectibles. Over the past couple of years, they have added other styles to their repertoire, and I really love the DC “Primal Age” figures and Thundercats and horror icon “Savage World” collections. While I have seen some negative reviews on these MOTU-style figures, we did purchase some last year and did not have any issues with them. Read the reviews and proceed at your own risk.


DC “Primal Age”

Tygra Thundercats

Thundercats “Savage World”

Jason Friday the 13th

Horror Icons “Savage World”

The most useless superhero

Comic book movies are all the rage. Marvel kicked things off a few years ago with some huge Spider-Man blockbusters, followed by Daredevil, Fantastic Four (way underrated, if you ask me), Hulk, and Iron Man. DC got into the game with Superman Returns and Dark Knight, with more of their guys getting big screen action in the near future (Green Lantern and Flash are the ones I’m anticipating the most).

But one guy that we don’t hear anything about is Aquaman. A big-screen adaptation is apparently “in development,” but that could take years. Johngy’s Beat recently pondered an Aquaman-BP storyline, and while that might be interesting, I have to agree with Howard Stern that no one really wants to be Aquaman.

Think back to when you were a kid playing make-believe in the backyard. How many times did you pick Superman? Spider-Man? The Flash? Now how many times did you pick Aquaman?

The WB attempted an Aquaman television program a few years ago, with Justin Hartley (currently the Green Arrow on Smallville) playing the title role. It never took off, and the pilot (which is floating around the internet) is not that great (watchable, but not on the level of Smallville). Smallville later incorporated Aquaman into their program as a special guest, played by Alan Ritchson. But everyone would have rather seen the Green Lantern. I think that maybe even Ghetto Man would have been a bigger hit.

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