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The Best Songs of 2013 from Not the Best Albums

Yesterday, I posted my “Top Ten Albums of 2013” list. Today, I’ll give you the best songs from eleven other albums that didn’t quite make the cut. Go check them out, and purchase the songs you like.

Anvil – Hope In Hell (2013)

Anvil Hope In Hell CD review

Hope In Hell
The End Records, 2013
53 minutes

The Story of Anvil brought a great deal of overdue attention to this Canadian heavy metal act; they have capitalized on that attention with the releases of This Is Thirteen, Juggernaut of Justice, and a compilation album, and the band seeks to continue their success with the newly pressed Hope In Hell. Unfortunately, that success may be hard to come by. There are a few excellent tracks here, and plenty for hard rock fans to sink their teeth into. I’m not a big fan of songs that are littered with profanity, so tracks eight and eleven automatically get skipped on repeat listenings.

There are some really good songs here, though, if you don’t take it too seriously. “Through With You” is a mid-tempo rocker, though Lips never explains why he will “see you next Tuesday.” “Hard Wired” is a faster paced thrasher, and “Flying” is like a metal version of the country classic “I’ve Been Everywhere.” I must repeat, you can’t take it too seriously if you want to enjoy this album, but despite the duds it is a fun record for metal fans.

Listen to “Flying” below:

1. Hope In Hell
2. Eat Your Words
3. Through With You
4. The Fight Is Never Won
5. Pay The Toll
6. Flying
7. Call Of Duty
8. Bada** Rock n Roll
9. Time Shows No Mercy
10. Mankind Machine
11. Shut The F*** Up
12. Hard Wired (bonus)
13. Fire At Will (bonus)

Learn more about Anvil.

Learn more about The End Records.

Purchase Anvil – Hope In Hell.

Metal On Metal!!!

I had the extreme privilege of watching the movie ANVIL: The Story of ANVIL last night, and the even more extreme privilege of watching the band perform a few songs after the movie in Cincinnati last night. ANVILis one of those bands that I should have heard about yeas ago, but have only recently come onto my radar. I still haven’t had a chance to listen to much of their stuff, but that will definitely change after last night. An amazing story, a great band, and some awesome music! I urge you to go see the movie, and if the band happens to pop up in your area, DON’T MISS IT!

Check out the official ANVIL homepage here:

Click here for a live bootleg of the band recorded in 2002:

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