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Lee Meriwether. Eartha Kitt. Julie Newmar. Sofia Moran. Michelle Pfeiffer. Julia Rose. Halle Berry.

What do all these women have in common? They have all played the role of Catwoman from the DC world of Batman (click on the names to see which movie/television series they appeared in if you don’t already know).

Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. have officially announced the newest Catwoman to grace the big screen: Anne Hathaway.

While I don’t necessarily have anything against Hathaway, I have my doubts about her in this role. I could be wrong. I hope I am. I love the Dark Knight reboot series, and think Nolan is doing a fantastic job with these movies. Hopefully I am wrong and she will be the best Catwoman ever…time will tell.

Interesting bit of trivia…Julie Newmar also appeared in the Get Smart television program, while Hathaway appeared alongside Steve Carell in the 2008 big-screen adaptation (which I quite enjoyed).

There is nothing new under the sun in Hollywood.

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