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Goodbye, Dolores O’Riordan

(September 6, 1971 – January 15, 2018)

Lead singer Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries passed away at the age of 46. She was in London for a recording session. The cause of death has not been made public.


Goodbye, Chester Bennington

(March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017)

Linkin Park frontman and former Stone Temple Pilots singer Chester Bennington’s body was discovered this morning at his home in California. He died of apparent suicide by hanging. Linkin Park was set to embark on a tour beginning next week, and had just released a video for their new single, “Talking To Myself,” this morning.

Primus – Green Naugahyde (2011)

Les Claypool and friends

Green Naugahyde
ATO Records, 2011
50 minutes

Les Claypool’s genius once again shines on Primus’ comeback album. Their first studio release since 1999’s Antipop, the band delivers exactly what you expect on Green Naugahyde: very alternative rock with a very slap-happy bassist. Proving the adage that everything old is new again (or something like that), Jay Lane joins the band on drums for the first time since his departure in 1988, before the band released any material.

Primus is nearly impossible to describe to someone who has never heard them, because they are so different than anything else that is out there; you can’t compare them to anyone else. Not really a lot of “sing-along” songs, or big hooks. But at the same time, you might find yourself chanting along with Claypool, “Everything’s Made in China,” or lamenting that “Tragedy’s A’Comin’,” or wondering if there is anything more than “Moron TV.”

The best song on the album, in this listener’s opinion, is “Lee Van Cleef.” Van Cleef was an actor primarily in Western movies, and even though he had a long and successful career, he never received the acclaim of others such as Clint Eastwood and John Wayne. Claypool simply wonders, “What ever happened to Lee Van Cleef?” (If you want to know, click here.)

Overall, Green Naugahyde is a solid album with the standard Primus sound. Fans of Primus will love it, but it won’t win over anyone that has disliked the band in the past.

1. Prelude to a Crawl
2. Hennepin Crawler
3. Last Salmon Man
4. Eternal Consumption
5. Tragedy’s A’Comin’
6. Eyes of the Squirrel
7. Jilly’s on Smack
8. Lee Van Cleef
9. Moron TV
10. Green Ranger
12. Extinction Burst
13. Salmon Men

The band:
Les Claypool – bass, vocals
Larry LaLonde – guitar
Jay Lane – drums

Watch the video for “Tragedy’s A’Comin'”:

Learn more about Primus.

Learn more about ATO Records.

Purchase Primus – Green Naugahyde.

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