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Dear A&G: Where’s Eddie?

The Night Owl posted a list on his blog last night of all the non-baseball subjects in Allen & Ginter since the brand’s 2006 inception. Has it really been around that long? I perused the list and only came up with a handful of cards that I would care to have in my collection: Jack the Ripper (2007), Bram Stoker (2008), George W. Bush (2011), Bobby Knight (2012), and Tommy Lee (2013). I had originally commented on his post that I only found four, but I had overlooked Stoker in my initial reading of the lists. A sixth would have been added if Mr. T was not identified as Clubber Lang in 2015. Hundreds of non-baseball cards in these baseball card sets, but only five that I would actually want.

As many others noted in the comments section, the checklist is getting worse each year. The biggest omission in my eyes is one of the greatest writers in American history, Edgar Allan Poe. You could make the case for other writers in the horror genre, such as H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Neil Gaiman, but Poe must come before all others.

Unlike Lovecraft, King, and Gaiman, however, Poe is not without cardboard glory. He was featured in the 1952 Topps “Look ‘n See” set, and the card is fairly affordable depending on condition. There is also the 1992 Starline Americana set, 2009 Topps American Heritage, 2009 Topps Mayo, 2011 Obak (which featured a younger Edgar along with his five brothers), 2011 Goodwin Champions, and 2012 Golden Age. I am almost ashamed to admit that I own none of these issues.

There is one other interesting Edgar Allan Poe card, and perhaps the one that I want above all others: the 2013 Garbage Pail Kids “Adam Bombing” Edgar Allan Poe. I’m a huge fan of GPK, and this card just captures everything there is to love about the brand’s irreverence.


One of these days I will load up my COMC cart with all the Poe cards I can afford. And I may pick up those five A&G non-baseball players I want at the same time.


My first A&G post

No, I haven’t bought any.

But there are a couple of interesting contests going on right now…

1) Coolio Cards wants to know who your favorite player is, what team he played for, and why. And he’s giving away a box of Allen & Ginter to one lucky commenter. Cool! Go enter! (Contest ends today, but no time is stated, so as long as the comments are being accepted I guess it’s okay to post…)

2) The Cardboard Connection wants to know five people you think should be included in the 2011 version of the set. Not that any of your suggestions will be used, or even seen by Topps, but it’s fun to think about.

Here’s the list that I sent in:

    Pete Rose base card (as a Montreal Expo, even!)
    Ace Frehley guitar string relic (former KISS guitarist)
    The General Lee paint chip relic (the car from Dukes of Hazzard)
    Bernie Mac cut-signature (with photo from “Mr. 3000” movie)
    Peter Gammons auto (baseball reporter)

Unfortunately, the deadline for entry has already passed on this one. I know I didn’t have the most original list, but I thought the Ace Frehley idea at least was cool.

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