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Garage sale goodies

My father-in-law likes to go to garage sales, and at a recent one he “negotiated” for a free box of sports cards to be thrown in with something he wanted to buy. When my wife told me about the box, I didn’t have very high hopes…I’ve gotten garage sale boxes before, and they are full of junk wax. This one was also full of junk wax, but there were a few gems hidden inside.

Most of the box was basketball cards, but there were a few keepers even among them. Rex Chapman, B.J. Armstrong, Dee Brown, Muggsy Bogues, and Patrick Ewing were a few of the basketball cards I pulled out for myself.

And then the baseball cards, including a Frank Robinson manager card, Scott Rolen cereal card, and Chris Sabo playing card.

There were also a few Topps Stars cards from 1998…

There was also what appeared to be a retail blaster of 2005 Topps. All the packs were opened, but there were some pretty cool cards inside…

But the best card in the box, hands-down, was a 1971 Fergie Jenkins. Not. A. Reprint.

If it weren’t for a small pinhole just below his left sleeve, this would be a very good condition 1971 card. The corners are nice, no creases, just a small pinhole.

In any case, this was a pretty good box…especially for free!

Fun Cards from Joshua

My 9-year old son has been making some “fun cards” for me, and asked me to post them on the blog. Here they are, along with some of his comments…

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“My dad showed me how to change the picture and name of this type of card and that’s what I did. The Cubs have been my favorite team since I guess I started watching baseball and I just asked my dad what are some Cubs players, and I picked Alfonso Soriano. I made this in 2008.”

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“I was having fun when I made this card. I believe I went overboard with the decorations and design.”

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“This was my very second card I ever made for my dad. I knew he liked Ken Griffey Jr. and I believed that this would rise his spirits.”

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“These are homemade Reds signs. My dad’s designs inspired this design. Pete Rose is another one of my dad’s favorites so I believed this would be a good card for him.”

“This was my first Griffey that I made and also the first card I ever made. I was just learning so it was a little bit ragged but my family liked the design so I kept it the way it was.”

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