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JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Aerosmith covered edition

Aerosmith covered

One of the greatest American rock bands of all time, Aerosmith raised the bar for hard rockers in the 1970s and shocked the music world with a massive comeback in the late 1980s. More than three years ago, I gave the band the “Ultimate Mixtape” treatment, picking my favorite song from each album released by the group.

Countless artists have offered up their renditions of the Bad Boys of Boston’s greatest hits. In this Ultimate Mixtape, I will attempt to collate some of the greatest and most interesting Aerosmith songs covered by other bands. I’m sticking only to officially released songs, and my personal preference is to avoid live versions. While tribute albums are fair game, only one song per tribute is allowed on this compilation. Further, no artists will be duplicated, and each song will only be represented once. So hit play on the YouTube videos below, click the links to buy some records, and rock out like you’ve never rocked out before!

JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Aerosmith covered edition

JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Aerosmith edition

JTs Ultimate Mixtape Aerosmith edition

One of the greatest bands in the history of American rock and roll, Aerosmith is a name synonymous with classic rock. The group’s early catalog is vastly superior to the material they have produced in the last twenty years, but there are a few recent gems as well. Since the best band from Boston is coming to Cincinnati this Tuesday, I thought it only fitting to give them the “JT’s Ultimate Mixtape” treatment. If you’re not familiar with “JT’s Ultimate Mixtape,” there are a few rules:

  • Every studio album must be represented by one and only one song.
  • That song does not have to be an official “single” released by the band to promote said album.
  • Compilation albums can be included, but only songs that are new, previously unreleased, or remixes of songs from prior albums are eligible for the list.
  • As for live albums, well, I’ve changed my mind a bit over time. I used to say they were a waste of time, but when a band has several strong songs on one album, sometimes a live album is the only way to sneak more than one of them on the Ultimate Mixtape tracklist.

So let’s do this…

JT’s Ultimate Mistape: Aerosmith edition

Of course, every decent compilation needs a bonus disc. Aerosmith has been included on a number of movie soundtracks, while Joe Perry and Steven Tyler have several side projects and guest spots on other artists’ releases. Here are some of the more notable…

Bonus Tracks

Wow, that’s a lot of material there, both in the official release category and the “bonus tracks.” Did I miss anything important? What songs would you replace in your own Ultimate Mixtape?

Check out prior editions of “JT’s Ultimate Mixtape”:

Who should be next?

Hero Decks: Rock ‘n Roll Playing Cards

heavy metal playing cards, classic rock deck

Rock ‘n Roll Playing Cards
by Hero Decks

Hero Decks are a great way to show off your fandom of various sports teams or other pop culture icons. I recently received a deck of “Rock ‘n Roll” playing cards, featuring caricatures of some of the biggest names in the history of rock: Ozzy Osbourne, Axl Rose, Gene Simmons (in full makeup and costume), Bruce Springsteen and more. The artist Mike Graessle does a great job of capturing each rocker’s likeness and even attitude and mannerisms in his work.

Alice Cooper, Jimi Hendrix, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

This deck is certainly a playable, standard-sized poker set with 54 cards (including two Jokers). On the other hand, it can be displayed as a collectible keepsake, each card featuring a different musical icon. I know of some who have used the sports-themed cards for autographs and keep them in a binder in nine-pocket pages. While not all of the subjects are still living, for those that are, Hero Deck cards are wonderful alternative to standard sports cards for signatures.

Whether you are looking for a new deck of cards with which you can play Go Fish or Gin Rummy, or just want a new collectible that is unique, check out Hero Decks. There are a number of MLB, NFL, NHL, and NCAA teams available, as well as non-sport issues for the Marines, Black America, Hooray for Hollywood, and more.

Learn more about Hero Decks, and purchase your decks directly from their website.

Bands I have seen in concert…

I don’t keep ticket stubs, so I obviously can’t remember them all. But I will do my best…

Lynyrd Skynyrd (first concert ever…awesome time)
Tesla (opened for Skynyrd…very good)
Presidents of the United States of America (very funny band, very good songwriters. I think Mark went with me to this one)
Quiet Riot (2x)
LA Guns (2x with both Phil Lewis & Tracii Guns in the same band)
LA Guns (Phil Lewis’ current rendition)
LA Guns (Tracii Guns’ version, with Marty Casey on vocals last year)
Faster Pussycat
Bang Tango
Broken Teeth
Motley Crue (4x)
Poison (5x)
Ratt (2x)
Cinderella (2x)
Endeverafter (2x)
Vains of Jenna
Sebastian Bach (2x)
Skid Row (w/o Bach)
Warrant (with Jani Lane 1x, with Robert Mason 1x)
Theory of a Deadman (2x, kinda…didn’t really watch them at CrueFest II)
Drowning Pool (2x)
Charm City Devils
Papa Roach (2x)
Buckcherry (2x)
Avenged Sevenfold
White Lion (w/o Vito Bratta)
Judas Priest
Great White
Ted Nugent
Night Ranger
Scrap Metal (which is a supergroup made up of Mark Slaughter, one of the Nelsons, and Kelly Keagy I think)
Kevin Chalfant
Eden’s Curse
Jeff Scott Soto
Goodbye Thrill
Other bands at the Melodic Rock Festival in Fort Wayne that I don’t remember
Airbourne (2x)
Van Halen (w/ Wolfgang and Dave)
Britny Fox
Pretty Boy Floyd
Def Leppard
Cheap Trick
Clint Black
Cooter’s Garage Band
KISS (2x…original lineup, during reunion tour 1996)
Vince Neil
And, of course…ROACH!!!

Hard Rock Nights!

Tune in to Hard Rock Nights for 3 hours of fantastic hard rock!

* Friday, 1 pm EST on Stickman Radio
* Friday, 10 pm EST on KWTF The Edge
* Saturday, 9 pm EST on Rock Hard Radio, or
* Sunday, noon EST on Rock Hard Radio

Paul Shortino, former Rough Cutt and Quiet Riot singer, is our guest. We’ve got new music from him, as well as classics from Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, and Aerosmith; deep cuts from Izzy Stradlin, Black Sabbath, and Ace Frehley; new stuff from Black Robot, Jennifer Batten, and The Spider Rockets. Don’t miss a second of it!

Hard Rock Nights…tonight

The show will be on again tonight from 9-11 pm eastern time. Log on to and follow the links to listen live. I’ll have some Ozzy, KISS, Faster Pussycat, Skid Row, Aerosmith…and new stuff from Lynam and Endeverafter. Tune in! And be sure to stop by the Hard Rock Nights blog after the show for the full playlist!

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