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Brandon Reeves – A Decent Melody (2013)

Brandon Reeves

Brandon Reeves
A Decent Melody
Independent release, 2013
47 minutes

Blues music has taken many forms over the years, from rootsy southern grit to bombastic British riffs to tear-it-down Texas tunes. Brandon Reeves is able to take the best of each style, constructing a solid blues album in A Decent Melody. Reeves delivers a few acoustic tracks with a definite country flair, but the songs that stick with this listener are the electric, SRV-influenced tracks such as “16 Months” and “Still Had To Run.” His guitar solos especially shine through on these electric numbers.

Reeves handles all lead vocals, guitar, resonator, mandolin and most bass guitar duties on A Decent Melody He is backed by Corey Ahlquist (drums), John Carrozza (keyboards), Mike Terrell (harmony vocals), Derek Morgan (bass on “Wherever It Might Be”), and Adrian Ash (drums on “Wherever It Might Be”).

A sneak preview of the album was posted by Reeves on YouTube:

1. I Still Believe
2. Last Dollar Bill
3. A Decent Melody
4. Dry River Blues
5. Song About An Irish Girl
6. Every Heart Breaks Free
7. Born In The Country
8. 16 Months
9. Used To Have A Good Woman
10. Wherever It Might Be
11. Still Had To Run
12. Who Do You Say I Am?
13. Reno

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