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Merry Christmas to me!


Santa was good to me this year. Not only did I finally get one of the greatest baseball movies on DVD (Field of Dreams), I also got the greatest baseball movie on DVD and Blu-Ray (42). If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you need to. The acting is fantastic, the settings are breathtaking, and the story of Jackie Robinson is one that should be told to all.

I also got the new album from Death On Two Wheels, one of my favorite rock bands in the world. I have not experienced their live show yet, but hope they come to the Cincinnati area again when I am not otherwise engaged.

And in my stocking, in addition to candy, I received forty-four different George Foster baseball cards, including his 1971 rookie! In fact, I believe every Topps card manufactured featuring Foster is here, from 1971 through 1986 (excluding a couple of league leaders).

Yeah, Santa was very good to me this year.

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