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I don’t really collect these, but…

Not Reds cards

These are a couple of the cards I pulled from the Heritage hanger I received on Father’s Day this year. I’m a Reds collector, but even though these guys aren’t wearing Reds uniforms, they are well known in Cincinnati.

Billy Hamilton was one of the great prospects for the Reds before fans realized he couldn’t get on base. Yes, he had blazing speed, but he couldn’t use that speed unless he got to first base. So the Reds cut ties with him over the off-season, the Royals picked him up in December, and Topps was able to snap a few shots of him with his new team in time for the Heritage release.

Derek Dietrich, on the other hand, is a newcomer to the team. He spent the first six years of his big league career in Miami and signed with Cincinnati as a free agent in February. Alas, Topps was unable to get Dietrich wearing his new uniform before going to press, so he appears as a Marlin in Heritage.

Will these cards remain in my collection? I have not yet decided. I don’t collect Royals or Marlins, but both of these players have Reds ties. Should I start a new collection of “players not wearing Reds uniforms”? I would not collect them all; I have no use for cards of Danny Jackson with the Phillies or Randy Myers with the Mets or Todd Benzinger with the Red Sox. I like seeing Jose Rijo cards before he came to Cincinnati, but I don’t really need to collect them. I think pictures on the internet suffice.

Back to the Hamilton and Dietrich cards. I don’t really collect these, but I can’t quite bring myself to get rid of them. At least not yet.

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