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Fun Cards: 2015 Topps Ken Griffey Jr.

2015 Topps Griffey

Here it is…the last missing Ken Griffey Jr.! 2015 Topps is not the easiest design to manipulate, and the fonts are not an exact match, but it’s close enough for me to be satisfied.

I’m also in a Facebook group called “Custom Baseball Cards,” and I put out a call last week for help finishing up the list. Beny Levy accepted the challenge and made a Mariners card for Griffey on the 2015 design…and it looks a lot better than mine! If you’re a Facebooker, join the fun!

But wait…there’s more! That’s right, tomorrow I have one more Griffey “fun card” post. Don’t miss it!

Reds cards from a ChiSox fan


I love getting cards in the mail. Jeff over at 2 by 3 Heroes loves sending cards in the mail. (The converse of both of those statements is true as well, by the way.)

Jeff recently sent over a nice handful of 2015 Reds that I did not yet have. I don’t have my wantlist fully updated for 2015 yet, so I may have missed out on some A&G and Stadium Club, but I’m very happy with what I did get. In addition to all those cards above, Jeff also sent an Archives Jay Bruce


Future Star/All-Star Rookie Billy Hamilton

Speedy Hamilton

(combining both the “Future Stars” designation and the All-Star Rookie cup on the card confuses my junk wax era brain. You’re one or the other, you can’t be both!)

And Home Run Derby Champion Todd Frazier


I absolutely love this card. If I could only keep one 2015 card, this would probably be it.

Thank you for the Redlegs, Jeff! Hope you have a fantastic Christmas!

I will be sending out my own “Christmas cards” soon, so if you haven’t already told me your address and favorite team, send me an e-mail with that information.

Fun Cards Submission: 2015 Topps “Spring Fever” Will Ferrell

spring fever  Ferrell

TWJ contributor Patrick sent over this Will Ferrell “fun card,” based on the 2015 Topps “Spring Fever” design. He also gave me an idea for another Ferrell card or two, which I plan to work on tonight and post tomorrow afternoon if they turn out satisfactory.

2015 Topps baseball card design revealed!

2015 Topps baseball

First impression…looks more like one of the high-end products rather than base. Maybe the design will grow on me, but I’m not crazy about it at this moment. Having them in hand (February 4) may change my mind. Plus I haven’t seen any images of any Reds players yet.

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