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Here are some reasons I do like Topps Heritage…

1965 Topps 2014 Topps Heritage

A lot of traffic yesterday due to this post, so I figured I should go positive today. Here are a few reasons I do like Topps Heritage…

1) The design. 1965 is iconic, and it will be a few years before we see another great design. So this year is one to be savored.

2) The inserts. Bazooka Mini, 1st MLB Draft, Embossed All-Stars…these are all great inserts despite their problems. I’m glad they are a part of the set.

3) The All-Star Rookie trophy. Not the little cup of recent years (although I like that one too), Topps shows continuity by using the large trophy that was shown on the original 1965 cards.

1965 Topps 2014 Topps Heritage

4) New uniforms. I like seeing Prince Fielder in what appears to be a non-Photoshopped Rangers uniform. Maybe my eye just isn’t seeing it, but it looks real enough to me.

5) Rookie Stars and World Series cards. Of course, these were in the original set, so they should be expected in Heritage, but that doesn’t make me like them any less. The rookies are dual team cards instead of two rookies from the same team, but part of that could be MLB’s fault and the restriction on who is allowed to be in the set.

I will not apologize for yesterday’s negative post. But I will apologize for not tempering it with positive thoughts. Overall, I like 2014 Topps Heritage; it is not without its problems, but it is very well done and Topps should feel proud about this product they are putting out there.

To see a bunch of images from the 2014 Topps Heritage set, visit Topps’ Facebook page.

Fun Cards Submission: 2014 Topps Heritage Bryan Price

2014 Topps Heritage Bryan Price

Ask, and ye shall receive! Hot on the heels of my brief list of complaints about 2014 Topps Heritage, TWJ contributor Patrick sent in this “fun card” of new Reds skipper Bryan Price. Very nicely done, and a card that definitely should have been included in the set!

Here are some reasons I don’t like Topps Heritage…

Topps posted a bunch of photos of 2014 Topps Heritage on their Facebook page yesterday. In general, I like Topps Heritage. But there are some things that I definitely don’t like.


I like Derek Jeter. I don’t like that his card is a “high-numbered base card” in the 2014 Topps Heritage set. The same goes for Yasiel Puig, Miguel Cabrera, and Max Scherzer. Seriously, is there any reason to buy a pack if all of the superstars are in the high numbers?

SandbergI am glad that Heritage includes managers in the set. It’s neat to see Ryne Sandberg, Don Mattingly, John Farrell and other former big leaguers still involved in the game.

I don’t like that there are only seventeen managers who will get cards in the set. Where is Bryan Price? No, he never played major league baseball, and he has never had a baseball card. But he (and the other twelve non-card managers) still skippers a team and should have a card if seventeen other managers have a card.

PuigBack to Puig. He wasn’t an All-Star last year. Maybe he should have been, but he wasn’t. Maybe he will be this year, but we really don’t know yet.

I don’t like that Topps took it upon themselves to either correct last year’s manager or predict the future, whichever is the case here.

This isn’t the first time a non-All-Star has been called an All-Star by Topps. One of the most egregious examples is Tony Bernazard from the 1987 Topps set; Bernazard was not an All-Star in 1986, or 1987…or ever.


First things first, I don’t like Tim McCarver. But this isn’t a post about Tim McCarver. This is a post about 2014 Topps Heritage. And I don’t like that they cut up a 1981 Fleer card and put it in a 2014 Topps set.

JacksonTopps used a Fleer product in their set.

Let that sink in.

First things first, I absolutely love Bo Jackson. He was one of the most exciting baseball players and one of the most exciting football players. He was an all-around athlete and was fascinating to watch. Jackson was born in 1962. His baseball career started in 1986 and ended in 1994. I don’t like that he is included in the 2014 Topps Heritage set, which is supposed to be an homage to the 1965 issue.

I like the concept of Topps Heritage. I don’t like the execution.

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