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Fun Cards Submission: 2011 Topps Ken Griffey Jr. by Lanny Ribes!

Griffey 2011

Lanny’s Griffeypalooza continues with this 2011-style Ken Griffey Jr. card. He is knocking these designs out left and right, and pretty soon Griffey will have been represented on every base design ever issued by Topps! Come back tomorrow for another great Griffey card from @DOCBZ17!

2011 Topps Opening Day – why couldn’t this be the flagship set?

I hate foil on my cards. Silver, gold, platinum…I don’t care. I like my cards simple and plain…like Opening Day. I picked up a couple of blasters at Target today, and was able to pull about half the set. So I decided that I need to just go for it and try to pick up the rest of it (along with the Mascots and Presidential First Pitch cards). I’m willing to part with the other inserts and the very few doubles I got in the two boxes, so if you want to work out a trade, let me know.

Since I don’t have much to offer from these blasters (thanks to fantastic collation), I will gladly part with the foil-laden 2011 flagship cards that I don’t want. Just let me know what Opening Day cards from my list below you can send me, and what you want in return from my trade lists.


Base: (I don’t care if these are the regular or the parallel bluish cards…) 6, 9, 10, 12, 20, 30, 33, 36, 38, 44, 47, 55, 60, 61, 68, 71, 75, 77, 81, 85, 86, 93, 101, 109, 112, 117, 124, 128, 133, 159, 163, 184, 189, 203, 210

Mascots: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

Presidents: 2, 4, 7, 9, 10

Reds (in addition to base): 10 Votto, 60 Chapman, 107 Rolen, M-6 Gapper, ODS-8 Votto


21 Martin Prado (Braves)
41 Aubrey Huff (Giants)
56 Brian Bogusevic (Astros)
98 Angel Pagan (Mets)
114 Ervin Santana (Angels)
176 Jason Heyward (Braves)
186 Evan Longoria (Rays)
193 Trevor Cahill (Athletics)
207 Kosuke Fukudome (Cubs)

Opening Day Stars:
2 Carlos Gonzalez (Rockies)

Superstar Celebrations:
5 Ubaldo Jimenez (Rockies)
14 David Wright (Mets)
17 Prince Fielder (Brewers)
21 Matt Holliday (Cardinals)
22 Cliff Lee (Rangers)

Spot The Error:
1 Mark Teixeira (Yankees)
3 Jose Bautista (Jays)
6 Ubaldo Jimenez (Rockies)

Topps Town:
6 Matt Holliday (Cardinals)
8 Justin Upton (Dbacks)
11 Logan Morrison (Marlins)
15 Justin Morneau (Twins)

Stadium Lights:
5 Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)

Don’t see anything above that you want? Click here for the tradebait from 2011 Topps flagship.

(Thanks to Night Owl for crossing 33 cards off my wantlist already!)

(Thanks to The Lost Collector for taking care of another 19 on the list!)

Trade with Nachos Grande

There are several bloggers attempting to complete the Diamond Parallel set in 2011 Topps. A noble goal, not one that I care to undertake, and my non-Reds shinies are available to anyone who wants to trade for them. The most recent trade was with fellow Reds fan Nachos Grande. He got a couple of my shinies, and I got a couple of the Reds inserts from the 2011 release.

First, legendary pitcher Tom Seaver alongside fireballer Aroldis Chapman:

I can’t believe I didn’t pull this card in all the packs I bought. It seemed like every other blogger out there got it except me. I am happy to now have it in my collection via trade.

The other card I got was last year’s NL MVP Joey Votto, Kimball Champions-style:

Thanks Chris!

Trade with a non-blogger

A non-baseball-card-blogger Astros fan contacted me about trading for some Hunter Pence and Joe Mauer cards. I happily accepted the offer and sent over a stack of ‘Stros and Joes for some 2011 Reds inserts and parallels. Among the contents of the package I received today were a Barry Larkin (60 Years back), Joey Votto black-border RBI leaders, shiny no-longer-a-Red Aaron Harang, and base Edinson Volquez.

With this trade, I no longer need any white-border Series 1 Reds…except for Johnny Bench. *hint hint*

Thanks for the cards Trey!

Trade with the Cardboard Junkie

I received two packages from other bloggers in the mail today, but I need to deal with the stuffed envelope that came from Cardboard Junkie on Saturday first. I had a Heyward manupatch, he wanted it. He also wanted my shinies. And I wanted to get rid of a ton of other Braves. So I packed up a box of cards and shipped them off last week, and he did the same…loaded with Reds and other goodies.

A few days ago I posted that I was going to collect the All-Star Rookies from the 2011 set, and I’ve already got Series 1’s ASRs wrapped up. In theory I did…but now in reality I do. I pulled the Strasburg and Walker out of a blaster, and dayf was kind enough to send over the other three from Series 1: Buster Posey, Gaby Sanchez, and Mike Stanton

He also loaded me up on 2011 Redlegs. The only white-border Reds cards I am missing now (again, this includes the cards that are in the mail, not yet in hand) are Johnny Bench and Edinson Volquez. Here’s the 2011 Topps Reds haul:

I still love how Topps used a photo from the highlight of the Reds season…Jay Bruce‘s division-clinching home run. It was a fantastic moment to watch, and I will be reminded of that magical game every time I look at Bruce’s card.

But of course there was more than 2011’s to be had. There were a ton of vintage goodies, including some Johnny Bench and Hal McRae and Pete Rose

And then there was this beauty. 2009 Allen & Ginter Jay Bruce framed game-used jersey card. I’ve never held one of these in my hands before, but I can now say that I see what all the fuss is about.

Thanks, dayf!

Blog Bat Around: Fixing Topps Baseball

Everyone else is doing it. I might as well, too. Even though everything I say has been covered by someone else. But I’m not doing paragraphs. Just a nice little list.

1. No more foil on base cards. Not on the front, not on the back.
2. How about some cardboard? This glossy, unable-to-separate-after-a-week-in-the-shoebox cardstock has got to go.
3. Cut down on parallels. Pick ONE if you must and make it the ONLY one.
4. Cut down on inserts, and make them less repetitive from year-to-year.
          a. 60 Years of Topps is cool, but not the year after the Yo Mama inserts.
          b. Diamond Duos…look, if you’re going to do something like this, put some thought into it. Killebrew/Thome is cool. Chapman/Seaver is not.
5. Toppstown: keep it…but don’t count it against the 12 cards per pack.
6. Speaking of 12 cards per pack…put 12 cards per pack in the stinkin’ blasters. They are a waste of money otherwise.
7. No more sticker autographs, with the exception of players who have passed on (Mark Fidrych, for example).

That’s a start. I know it’s mostly negative, but that’s the assignment: fixing Topps baseball. If it wasn’t broken, it wouldn’t need fixing.

However there are several good things about 2011 Topps. The photography is, for the most part, top-notch. I already gave an example in a previous blogpost of Ramon Hernandez and his broken bat. I love that photo…even though I’m not a fan of Ramon. Many of the horizontal cards look great too. Aroldis Chapman and Bronson Arroyo come to mind.

I think I’m done. Sure, I would like to see it go back to a 792-card set with a year-end 132-card Traded set, but I don’t think 3 series destroys the quality of the set. Go read some of the other Blog Bat Around entries and submit one of your own.

Topps All-Star Rookies

I’ve decided to go after the Topps All-Star Rookie subset in 2011. It’s a throwback to my formative years in collecting…I collected the ASRs every year from 1987 through at least 1990…maybe 1991 too. I can’t remember. That was a long time ago.

According to bdj610’s Topps Baseball Card Blog (an excellent resource), the 2011 team is:

1B: Gaby Sanchez, Florida Marlins
2B: Neil Walker, Pittsburgh Pirates
3B: Danny Valencia, Minnesota Twins
SS: Starlin Castro, Chicago Cubs
OF: Austin Jackson, Detroit Tigers
OF: Mike Stanton, Florida Marlins
OF: Jason Heyward, Atlanta Braves
C: Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants
RHP: Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals
LHP: Jaime Garcia, St. Louis Cardinals
RP: Neftali Feliz, Texas Rangers

It seems that Topps is giving each of these players two cards in the 2011 set. I have the Strasburg ASR, but have seen other bloggers post scans of a cupless Stephen. In the blaster I opened last week, I pulled a Neil Walker ASR. Tonight in a loosie, I pulled a cupless Pirate. I also got a cupless Gaby Sanchez tonight.

I only want the gold cups. Here is the list of the cups that I’ve been able to locate so far. Only five of them. Am I missing any from Series 1? If this is all there is…I already got ’em all (either in-hand or in the mail). That wasn’t very difficult, now was it?

24 Neil Walker
59 Gaby Sanchez
135 Mike Stanton
183 Stephen Strasburg
198 Buster Posey

When is Series 2 scheduled for release?

Also, I’ve updated my trade list with the cards (and inserts) from the loose packs I picked up tonight.

2011 Topps: The Good, The Bad, The Tradebait

I bought a Walmart blaster Thursday night on my lunchbreak. I’m still torn on 2011 Topps. Overall, I like it. The design is nice and clean, the foil is readable, and some of the inserts are neat. Plus, the gold cup is back. That silver cup last year was atrocious, and I think Topps should go back to the presses and reprint the All-Star Rookies from last year, substituting the gold cup for the silver, and send them out to all who hated the silver. I know, that will never happen. But at least they went back to the gold this year.

But there’s also some things about this year’s set that I don’t like. The blasters are too insert-heavy. I’m not a big fan of the two-packs-per-blaster with store-specific parallels (Target has throwbacks, Walmart has black borders). The manufactured patches are a bit of a stretch. And Stephen Strasburg has a gold cup on his card.

How exactly does that happen for a guy who only appeared in 12 games? Yes, he’s the greatest pitcher ever. I get that. But still…only 12 games???

The patch cards don’t really work for me this year either.

I was a Heyward fan last year. Not sure if I will be this year or not. But in any case, I don’t really like this card. I haven’t seen any checklists for these cards yet, so I’m not sure which Reds are featured…but if you have a Redleg patch that you want to trade for SayHeyward, make the offer.

Another insert that I’m torn on is the Kimball Champions. My first exposure to them was on eBay, and I instantly fell in love with them. Then I pulled a couple, and they are so…tiny.

I know there is an Aroldis Chapman in the Kimball Champion set, so if you want to make a trade for either or both of these guys, let me know.

And then there are the Diamond Anniversary super shiny parallels. I don’t really care for them. They are nicer looking than I thought they would be, but I’m still not super excited about them.

Enough of the negative, already. Let’s get on to some positive.

The photography in the set is pretty good so far. I love this shot of Reds sometimes catcher Ramon Hernandez’s broken bat…

That, to me, is just a great essence-of-the-game shot. You don’t see a whole lot of those types of cards anymore. Now it’s all the boring shortstop-throwing-to-first-on-a-routine-grounder photos (see Rollins above) or pitcher-getting-ready-to-release-the-ball photos (see Strasburg above and Cueto below).

I’m back to the negative again. Sorry. It just stings when you spend $20 on something and feel empty afterwards. OK, let’s get back to the positive…more Reds cards!

But wait…I’m not done. Read the title of the post again: “The Good” (covered), “The Bad” (covered), and “The Tradebait” (only kinda covered).

So yeah, the Heyward patch is on the block, as are the Kimball Champions and everything else listed below…


regular white-border base…no silly sparklies
2 Jake Westbrook (Cardinals)
4 Jason Kubel (Twins)
18 Kevin Milwood (Orioles)
19 Derek Lowe (Braves)
21 Michael Cuddyer (Twins)
22 Barry Zito (Giants)
33 Max Scherzer (Tigers)
37 Vicente Padilla (Dodgers)
40 Justin Upton (Diamondbacks)
43 Brendan Ryan (Cardinals)
45 Hunter Pence (Astros)
46 Hong-Chih Kuo (Dodgers) (x2)
56 Johan Santana (Mets)
57 Mark Trumbo (Angels)
67 Vladimir Guerrero (Rangers)
74 Tyler Clippard (Nationals)
75 Jered Weaver (Angels) (x2)
76 Tom Gorzelanny (Cubs)
77 Tim Hudson (Braves)
80 Desmond Jennings (Rays)
82 Johnson/Wainwright/Hallady LL
83 Greg Halman (Mariners)
84 Roger Bernadina (Nats) (x2)
85 Jack Wilson (Mariners)
89 Placido Polanco (Phillies)
92 Chris Narveson (Brewers)
95 Pedro Alvarez (Pirates) (x2)
97 Carlos Gomez (Brewers)
101 Gregor Blanco (Royals)
103 Cliff Lee (Rangers)
107 Aubrey Huff (Giants)
108 Zack Greinke (Royals…why not the Brewers???)
114 Russell Martin (Dodgers)
118 Howie Kendrick (Angels)
119 Jason Bay (Mets)
124 Sabathia/Lester/Price LL
125 Evan Meek (Pirates)
126 Padres team card
132 Brian Duensing (Twins)
139 Eric Young Jr (Rockies)
141 Ubaldo Jimenez (Rockies) checklist
146 Roy Hallady (Phillies) Cy Young (x2)
147 Jon Niese (Mets)
148 Ricky Romero (Blue Jays)
149 David Aardsma (Mariners)
152 Baltimore Orioles team card
158 Casey Blake (Dodgers)
160 Josh Tomlin (Indians)
167 Clay Hensley (Marlins)
176 Daniel Hudson (Diamondbacks)
178 Heath Bell (Padres)
184 Brandon Morrow (Blue Jays)
188 Pablo Sandoval (Giants)
190 Coco Crisp (A’s) (x2)
193 Cory Luebke (Padres)
194 Andres Torres (Giants)
197 Aaron Hill (Blue Jays)
203 Dillon Gee (Mets)
206 Chase Headley (Padres)
208 Clay Buchholz (Red Sox) (x2)
210 Brian Wilson (Beach Boys…er, Giants)
212 Pedro Feliz (Cardinals)
214 Chase Utley (Phillies)
218 Victor Martinez (Red Sox) (x2)
220 Todd Helton (Rockies)
221 Scott Hairston (Padres) (x2)
224 Milton Bradley (Mariners)
226 Jose Guillen (Giants)
227 Nate McLouth (Braves)
239 Jhoulys Chacin (Rockies)
242 Brad Lidge (Phillies)
244 Mike Aviles (Royals)
245 Neil Walker (Pirates)
246 John Lannan (Nats)
260 Freddy Sanchez (Giants)
264 Ryan Perry (Tigers)
274 Michael Brantley (Indians)
278 Marco Scutaro (Red Sox) (x2)
279 Nick Swisher (Yankees)
284 Reid Brignac (Devil Rays)
285 Hank Conger (Angels) (x2)
288 Matt Capps (Twins)
292 Darren Ford (Giants)
294 Luke Scott (Orioles)
296 John Buck (Blue Jays)
297 Jason Jaramillo (Pirates) (x2)
303 Emilio Bonifacio (Marlins)
306 Cabrera/Rodriguez/Bautista LL
307 Alex Rios (White Sox)
308 Ian Desmond (Nationals)
310 Alex Gonzalez (Braves)
311 James Shields (Rays)
312 Gaby Sanchez (Marlins)
315 David Ortiz (Red Sox)
319 Atlanta Braves team card (x2)
323 CJ Wilson (Rangers)
324 Boston Red Sox team card
327 Cristian Guzman (Rangers)
328 David Price CL (most wins in franchise history)

diamond anniversary parallel
31 Erick Aybar (Angels)
39 Ian Kennedy (Diamondbacks)
55 Matt Joyce (Rays)
119 Jason Bay (Mets)
199 Jimmy Rollins (Phillies)
227 Nate McLouth (Braves)
285 Hank Conger (Angels)

black border wally world exclusive
1 Ryan Braun (Brewers)
3 Jon Lester (Red Sox)
162 Ronny Cedeno (Pirates)
182 Jeremy Bonderman (Tigers)
224 Milton Bradley (Mariners)
314 Ryan Kalish (Red Sox)

topps 60
T60-1 Ryan Howard (Phillies)
T60-16 Carl Crawford (Rays)
T60-22 Clay Buchholz (Red Sox)
T60-48 Buster Posey (Giants)

topps town (all codes unused by me)
TT-4 Brett Anderson (A’s)
TT-7 Joe Mauer (Twins)
TT-8 Jose Reyes (Mets)
TT-12 Mat Latos (Padres)
TT-13 Chase Utley (Phillies)
TT-15 David Wright (Mets)
TT-16 Nick Markakis (Orioles)
TT-19 Andrew McCutchen (Pirates)
TT-24 Josh Johnson (Marlins)
TT-25 Ryan Howard (Phillies)
TT-28 David Ortiz (Red Sox)
TT-29 Carlos Gonzalez (Rockies)
TT-33 Victor Martinez (Red Sox)
TT-34 Felix Hernandez (Mariners)
TT-40 Buster Posey (Giants)
TT-41 Carlos Santana (Indians)
TT-47 Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox)

diamond duos
DD-HF Jason Heyward & Freddie Freeman (Braves)
DD-RS Hanley Ramirez & Mike Stanton (Marlins)

history of topps
HOT-5 1972 Topps Goes Public

60 years of topps
60YOT-35 Dave Winfield (Yankees) 1986 (x2)
60YOT-50 Manny Ramirez (Indians) 2001

60 years of topps (original backs)
100 Vladimir Guerrero (Expos) 2002
406 Paul Molitor (Brewers) 1980

kimball champions
KC-3 Carlos Santana (Indians)
KC-4 Johan Santana (Mets)
KC-17 Chris Carpenter (Cardinals)
KC-21 Shin-Soo Choo (Indians)

walmart diamond cards
BDW15 Roy Halladay (Phillies)

throwback manufactured patch card
TLMP-JH Jason Heyward (Braves) 1980 patch

The drill is simple: I want Reds. Below is the list of Reds in the set (the ones I have and the ones that I get will be crossed out). I prefer to trade base-for-base, insert-for-insert, parallel-for-parallel. Make an offer, send an e-mail to jasontcarter at gmail d0t com.

Reds in 2011 Topps
5 Joey Votto (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel / stupid sparkle)
63 Edinson Volquez (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
98 Bronson Arroyo (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
110 Aroldis Chapman (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel / stupid sparkle)
113 Arthur Rhodes (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
134 C. Gonzalez/J. Votto/O. Infante LL (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
138 A. Pujols/C. Gonzalez/J. Votto LL (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
142 Johnny Cueto (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
191 Jay Bruce (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
192 Reds (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
198 Johnny Bench (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
211 Joey Votto MVP (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
228 Scott Rolen (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
233 Ramon Hernandez (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
249 Aaron Harang (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
317 Yonder Alonso (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
318 A. Pujols/A. Dunn/J. Votto LL (white border / black border / throwback / diamond parallel)
KC-16 Aroldis Chapman (kimball champions)
KC-34 Joey Votto (kimball champions)
T60-14 Barry Larkin (topps 60)
60YOT-12 Frank Robinson 1963 (60 years of topps / original back)
60YOT-16 Tony Perez 1967 (60 years of topps / original back)
60YOT-44 Barry Larkin 1995 (60 years of topps / original back)
60YOT-57 Johnny Cueto 2008 (60 years of topps / original back)
DD-VG Joey Votto/Adrian Gonzalez (diamond duos)
DD-SC Tom Seaver/Aroldis Chapman (diamond duos)
DD-LJ Barry Larkin/Derek Jeter (diamond duos)
TT-17 Aroldis Chapman (topps town)
TT-46 Joey Votto (topps town)

The award for the most recyclingest baseball card company goes to @toppscards

Check this out:

1981 Topps Mike Schmidt.

Got the image firmly implanted in your brain? Good.

Now check this out:

2011 Topps Mike Schmidt.

Seriously Topps? The greatest third baseman in the history of the game, and you couldn’t find a different photo?

2011 Topps Reds

On eBay. Lookie lookie!

That photo comes from an auction for the 13-card base set, featuring all your favorite Reds, including Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Aroldis Chapman, Bronson Arroyo, and Aaron Harang.

Wait a minute…Aaron Harang?

Yes, Topps decided not to waste their Photoshop skills on Mr. Harang. Why they didn’t wait to put him in Series 2 in his Padres uniform is beyond me. It was a foregone conclusion long before the season was over that Harang would not be re-signed by the Reds.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Harang card on eBay, it can be had here.

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