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Fun Cards: 1990 Pro Set Special “Holey Moley”

I can’t be the only one that loves the show Holey Moley, can I? Why has no company taken it upon themselves to create a set of trading cards? I mean, come on, this is comedy gold!




Course Marshal Joe

Kenny G

I had no intention of making a Kenny G card, but the image was there and the template was made…

Speaking of templates, this is based on Pro Set’s 1990 special card of Payne Stewart which featured the NFL logo rather than the PGA. I believe it was sent to subscribers of the Pro Set Gazette, before their golf trading cards were licensed by the PGA.

And the first pick of the draft is…

Does anyone else remember the 1990 NFL draft? Or, more importantly, the Pro Set draft day release of Jeff George on the Colts?

As almost everyone knows, Pro Set also produced other cards depending on different draft day scenarios. The Atlanta Falcons actually had the first pick, and there was some speculation that they might select George…

…or linebacker Keith McCants out of Alabama…

…or that they might trade the pick to the New England Patsyrots, who were thinking about drafting George…

But the deal was made to send the pick to Indy, who used it to draft hometown hero Jeff George. Pro Set produced a proper Jeff George card wearing a Colts uniform in series 2, numbered the same as the draft day card. The honeymoon didn’t last long in Indianapolis, however, and George was actually traded to Atlanta four years later. McCants ended up with Tampa Bay; the Patsyrots drafted Chris Singleton and Ray Agnew in the first round; Atlanta ended up with Steve Broussard.

Emmitt Smith was passed over by 16 teams before the Cowboys took him with the 17th pick. Shannon Sharpe was available until the Broncos took him in the 7th round…193 players deep into the draft. Seven-time Pro Bowler John Randle was not drafted at all, signing with the Vikings during training camp.

By the way, the above cards are not Photoshop creations. They are actual cards produced by Pro Set in 1990, recently purchased for too much money by yours truly on eBay.

1990 Pro Set NFL – Series 1

Following is a list of the cards I need for 1990 Pro Set Series 1. Series 2 will come later, still a bit more sorting to do on that.

I’ve decided to focus on completing the set with major variations, such as the draft/trade stripes or differing photos. Those that have statistical error and corrections, I’m not so worried about. If I get both versions, cool. But for the time being, the focus will be on the major differences.

The “upgrades” are cards that are in far less than desirable condition. I have the cards, and am not counting them in the “missing” number, but I would like to replace my copy with a card in better condition.

1990 Pro Set (NFL) Series I (click here for a list of the cards I need with players’ names)

Missing: 15.3% (58 out of 378)

Cards needed: 1 (both versions), 19 (without “drafted” stripe), 20 (without “drafted stripe”), 23, 29, 32, 51, 60, 72, 74, 75 (Ozzie Newsome), 75 (Cody Risien), 77, 87, 90, 92, 94, 107, 111 (wrong photo on reverse), 118, 134 (with “traded” stripe), 136, 143, 147, 149, 150, 153, 155, 158, 161, 186, 188, 193, 195, 203, 204 (with belt), 205, 233, 259, 263, 264, 295, 299, 305, 306, 317, 318, 321, 323, 324, 329, 333, 338 (Eric Dickerson), 338 (Lud Denny), 343 (without “traded” stripe), 349, 371

“Upgrades” needed: 3, 67, 170, 184, 192, 198, 241, 281, 284, 322

I have lots of doubles, so if you happen to want any 1990 Pro Set cards, let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I have it.

Adventures in Card Show Shopping

My son and I took a little trip north after church today for a card show at a Holiday Inn. It was free to get in, and by the time we got there several of the dealers had already packed up and left. It is NFL Sunday after all. But there were still a few around, and we got some pretty good stuff (in my opinion).

First, a few cards to knock off my set want lists…

And quite a few Cincinnati Reds cards for 5-10 cents (only a handful pictured)…

A cool little set featuring “The Big Red Machine” players…

A Kurt Stillwell card I had never seen before…

An Eric Davis “Collectible Plaque” (display easel included)…

(Trying to decide whether I should free this thing from the beat up packaging or not.)

And a box of 1990 Pro Set Series I…

The box is already busted. Took us less than 10 minutes to rip open all the packs. I’ll be honest, I was looking for the Jeff George draft pick card. I never got it as a kid, and it would have be sweet to pull it out of this box (even though it’s worthless). Alas, it was not to be found. Not in the box, anyway. I found it on eBay and overpaid for it, along with the Jeff George Falcons, Jeff George Patriots, and Keith McCants Falcons cards. We did get the whole Super Bowl subset out of the packs, but we’re missing a few of the base cards. I’ll be posting a wantlist as soon as I have them sorted for the Pro Set cards we’re missing from both Series I and II (I already had some of those in the closet).

After doing some Googling, I was surprised to see how many variations are in the set. There are probably even more than are listed there (for instance, there are two versions of Super Bowl card #22, one with a 1988 date and the other with a 1989 date…and we pulled both from this box).

Maybe this is why Pro Set disappeared after only a few years. I loved the cards, but there were so many errors and variations…it can be very disheartening for someone who wants to complete a master set. I haven’t decided yet whether we’re going to try to get all the errors and corrections or just one for each card number. What would you do?

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