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I miss Riverfront Stadium

I know it’s silly to miss the “cookie cutter” era of baseball stadiums, but I grew up with Riverfront Stadium, fell in love with baseball at Riverfront Stadium, and I long for the innocence I experienced at Riverfront Stadium. Fortunately, we have baseball cards like this one…


There is Tom Browning, tipping his cap to the crowd, celebrating the first perfect game in Cincinnati Reds history. I’m guessing this was a staged shot, since you can see Luis Quinones warming up n the background. But it’s still a nice card, and you can see a bit of Riverfront Stadium behind Mr. Perfect.

And then there is this card…


Chris Hammond never amounted to much with the Reds, but you can clearly see a couple of the different colored seats behind him. The lowest level, barely visible here because there were few in the outfield, were blue seats. Then there were green seats, which are nearly filled behind Hammond. Above are yellow, and then the cheapo seats, the red seats. The least expensive seats in the park were the “Top 6” rows of the red section. I remember only cost $3.50 per ticket, but even the more expensive seats were reasonable. I don’t think they had $2500 seats back in those pure times.

I miss Riverfront Stadium so much I mistakenly, absent-mindedly call the Reds’ current home Riverfront sometimes. I know it’s Great American Ballpark. But I prefer Riverfront. And I always will.


1989 Score

I’ve finally sorted the 1989 Score boxes that I opened over the past few weeks, and I’m only missing 78 cards for the set. I still have a couple of stacks I need to check to see if I have any more of the cards I need, but you can take a look at what I’m missing on my “Sets in Progress” page. I’ll be posting a list over at the Bench whenever I get around to checking my other stack.

Sets In Progress

I bought a couple of cello packs of 1988 Topps tonight, along with another box of 1989 Score. I told my 8-year old son that whatever I needed out of the Topps packs was mine, the rest he could keep. I ended up getting 29 cards I needed out of 84 in the packs, not a bad ratio if you ask me. I’ve updated my Sets In Progress page, so check that out if you have some 1988 Topps doubles laying around. I should have a list of the 1989 Score I need up within a couple of weeks, after I rip these packs and put them all in order.

If you need any 1988-1991 Topps, Score or Donruss, or 1990-1991 Fleer, send me a list and I’ll help out if I can. I’m still in the process of putting stuff in order, but I’m more than willing to help out fellow collectors.

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