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Fun Cards: 1988 Fleer Nelson Wilbury (George Harrison)

George Harrison Nelson Wilbury Traveling Wilburys

George Harrison, with the Beatles, opened for Roy Orbison in the 1960s. He brought Bob Dylan back to the stage in the 1970s. And he utilized the masterful production of Jeff Lynne in the 1980s. Where does Tom Petty fit in? Apparently, Harrison and Petty formed a friendship and were known to jam together privately. Put all five of those names together and you have the greatest supergroup of all-time. One would be hard-pressed to improve on the lineup of the Traveling Wilburys.


Fun Cards: 1988 Fleer All-Star Team Devin Mesoraco

All-Star catcher Devin Mesoraco Cincinnati Reds

Devin Mesoraco is a rising star. A first-time All-Star in 2014, he finished with 25 home runs for the Cincinnati Reds. The last Reds catcher to hit that many? It’s not that hard to guess: Johnny Bench in 1977. Bench hit 25 or more eight times in his career. I expect no less from the 2007 first-round draft pick Mesoraco.

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