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Goodbye, Wayne Krenchicki

(September 17, 1954 – October 16, 2018)


Former Reds infielder Wayne Krenchicki passed away Tuesday at the age of 64. He also played for the Orioles, Tigers, and Expos, as well as the Senior Professional Baseball League, and went on to manage in the minor leagues.


TTM Success: Kelly Paris

1984 Topps Reds Paris

In my never-ending quest to obtain an autograph on every 1984 Topps Reds card, Kelly Paris got me one step closer today. This request was sent out at the end of October 2012, and was returned to me today with both cards signed. This is now the thirteenth card out of thirty-three (including the traded series) that I have obtained with an autograph. There are a couple that I know will be near-impossible, and I am resigned to the fact that I will likely never have the entire set signed, but it’s a fun project nonetheless.

1984 Fleer Reds Paris

I am not trying to get all of my 1984 Fleer cards signed, but they are nice-looking, aren’t they? This is the second 1984 Fleer autograph I have obtained (Charlie Puleo was the first).

TTM Success: Charlie Puleo

1984 Topps

In just eight days, former Reds pitcher Charlie Puleo answered my autograph request. I had sent two cards to him last week, his 1984 Topps (above) and 1984 Fleer (below), and he signed both.

1984 Fleer

Whenever I send an autograph request, I usually add a few questions in my letter to the player. Most of the time, the cards come back signed but the answers come back unanswered. That’s fine; I understand they don’t have a lot of time and I am ecstatic just to get the autographs. But Mr. Puleo took the extra time to answer my question.

I wrote, “I was also wondering what your favorite part of playing in Cincinnati was? Did you ahve a favorite part of the city when you weren’t playing? What was your game-day routine? Did you have a specific meal you ate before you pitched?” His reply is below.


How awesome is that? Too bad he didn’t name the restaurant. I’m thinking maybe the Spaghetti Factory, but I can’t be sure.

Fun Cards – 1984 Fleer Eric Davis

So patience is not a virtue I employ very often. I still haven’t found a good action shot of a young Eric Davis, but I did grab this posed photo and created a 1984 Fleer Update card for the 1980s superstar.

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