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Fun Cards – 1977 Topps Reds Pitchers

The Reds have one of the strongest starting three in the majors today, if they are able to live up to their potential. We start with Edinson Volquez, who was so good in 2008 that he came in 4th place in Rookie of the Year voting despite not being a rookie! He was tied for third in the NL with 17 wins and second with 206 strikeouts. I don’t understand why he didn’t get any support for the Cy Young Award. He also isn’t afraid of the brushback, tied for the lead in the NL with 14 hit batsmen in 2008.

Edinson Volquez 1977 Topps

Fellow Dominican Johnny Cueto was also a fan of scooting batters off the plate, also hitting 14 during the course of the season. His 8.17 K/9IP was good for 8th in the league, but he failed to make double digits in the wins category and was tied for 4th with 14 losses (teammate Aaron Harang was tied for 1st with 17). My favorite Reds pitcher of days gone by, Mario Soto, has been mentoring both Volquez and Cueto, so I’m looking forward to big things from both of them in the future.

Johnny Cueto 1977 Topps

And finally we have Homer Bailey, the most highly touted pitcher to come up through the Reds’ farm system since…well, I guess ever. Don’t let his 0-6 record and 7.93 ERA from 2008 fool you…this guy is better than Sidd Finch. All he needs is a little run support (just 8 runs per game, please, Mr. Votto and Mr. Bruce?).

Homer Bailey 1977 Topps

Of course, the Reds also have the punching bag Aaron Harang (who went from tied for the league lead in wins to the league lead in losses in just 2 years) and the guy who plays guitar Bronson Arroyo, but I didn’t make cards of them this time around. Maybe someday, boys.

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