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Fun Cards Submission: 1974 Topps Traded David Holmberg


The newest member of the Cincinnati Reds is David Holmberg, traded from the Diamondbacks in the deal that sent Ryan Hanigan to Tampa Bay. We’re still learning who this guy is, but so far he sounds like a decent pick-up.

“Fun card” provided by TWJ contributor Patrick.

Fun Cards Submission: 1974 Topps Bryan Price

Bryan Price

TWJ contributor Patrick sent over this “fun card” of Bryan Price recently. Price currently has no cards that I am aware of, but there are some autographed 8×10’s available on eBay for purchase. The new manager will likely be signing at Redsfest in December, but without any official cardboard available, I can’t imagine his line will be very long.

Fun Cards Submission: 1973 Topps Brandon Phillips & 1974 Topps Jonathan Villar


TWJ contributor Patrick sent over a couple of great “fun cards” over the weekend, but I just haven’t had the time to post them yet. First up is a 1973 Brandon Phillips, using a photo from the series against the Houston Astros when Jonathan Villar slid into his backside at second base.


Next up is a 1974 Jonathan Villar, using that same photo in true Topps form.

Thanks for the “fun cards” Patrick!

Fun Cards Submissions: Cincinnati Reds 2013 Draft Picks, Rounds 11-27

TWJ contributor Patrick mixed it up with the designs used for the lower rounds of the 2013 MLB Draft, grabbing three multi-player templates from the 1970s and two from the 1980s. I’m not going to post a rundown of each draft pick…that’s what Google is for. Or you can check out the Draft Tracker at if you just want the vitals for these guys. Who knows, one of them might be the next Mike Piazza, or Ian Kinsler, or Albert Pujols.

2013 Cincinnati Reds draft picks

2013 Cincinnati Reds draft picks

2013 Cincinnati Reds draft picks

2013 Cincinnati Reds draft picks

2013 Cincinnati Reds draft picks

Fun Cards: 1974 Rookie Rockers (Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Gene Simmons)

1974 Topps KISS Rookie Card

In 1974, KISS’ self-titled debut album was released and generated very little fanfare. “Strutter” and “Deuce” are now considered classics, but it was not until Alive! was released over a year later before the band started to get some recognition. The entire process of recording and mixing the record took less than a month. Notice Paul Stanley’s “Bandit” makeup he wore briefly in 1973 and/or 1974 before settling on the “Starchild” persona.

Watch the band perform “Nothing To Lose,” “Firehouse,” and “Black Diamond” on ABC In Concert in 1974:

Purchase the self-titled KISS album.

Fun Cards Submission: First pitches (part 5)

Bo knows neutrality

Bo Jackson decided not to wear a team hat or jersey when he threw out the first pitch before the Royals-White Sox game in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, but TWJ reader and Cards That Never Were blogger John thought he should have. With the magic of Photoshop (or a similar program…I didn’t ask), he grabbed a photo of Bo and Soxed it up. Thanks for the submission, John!

Fun Cards Submissions: First pitches (part 1)

TWJ contributor Patrick asked if I considered making “fun cards” out of the ceremonial first pitch photos I had posted the past couple of weeks. I told him it had crossed my mind, but if he wanted to tackle that project, go for it! He didn’t disappoint, using some of the photos I posted and finding a few others, like Sandy Koufax below.


Today and tomorrow I will post those that I had already shown you, and on Wednesday I will show you some that he dug up that I hadn’t seen yet in my searches. Hit the jump to see the first few.

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Diamond code #2

I cracked my first one just over a week ago. And I was very disappointed.

Today, I decided to try again. The good: it’s a 1974 card. The bad: it’s a manager…whose name I can’t pronounce. Frank Quilici…is that “Kwil-icky” or “Keel-eetch-ee” or what?

I’ve got one code left…gonna hang on to it for a little while longer.

1974 Topps Stephen Strasburg

I was hoping that Strasburg’s turn in the rotation might come up Sunday when we are attending the Nationals-White Sox game in the nation’s Capitol, but he is due on the mound tomorrow instead. I’m not sure who’s supposed to be throwing the ball (for either team) Sunday, but I’m sure we’ll have fun at the game anyway.

2010 Rookie Sensations: Heyward, Leake, Strasburg, Stanton

I know I’ll never own “the” Strasburg rookie card (which is a farce anyway), so I made my own…with added value in the former of should-be All-Star Heyward, should-be Rookie of the Year Leake, and a guy I had never heard of but Yahoo featured him in an article and every “Rookie Stars” card needs at least one no-name.

Heyward is having a fantastic season so far, which is no surprise to dayf. What is a surprise, at least to me, is Leake’s hot start. I heard on the radio (and everything you hear on the radio is correct </sarcasm>) that he is the first pitcher in major league history to start his first 10 career games without a loss. Any bbref’ers care to figure out if that is actually a correct assertation? 5-0 already, with 6 unfortunate no-decisions, and a fantastic 2.68 ERA…Strasburg has some catching up to do. Yeah, Stephen had a great first game (albeit against the hapless Pirates), and may do great tomorrow (against the just-as-bad-as-the-Pirates Indians; we’ll see how he does when he faces an actual major league team, though), but to start your career in the fashion Leake has is pretty awesome. Out of his 11 starts, 4 have ended in a Reds loss (thanks, bullpen!) and only 1 of those was by more than 1 run.

So which of these players will go on to Cooperstown, and which one will be the most recent Brien Taylor?

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