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Random Awesomeness (part 2019.13)

Random Awesomeness

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Fun Cards submission: 1974 Topps Traded Aroldis Chapman…not so fast

chapman traded

TWJ contributor Patrick started working on a “traded” card for Aroldis Chapman in the style of 1974 Topps soon after the deal to the Dodgers was announced. Then off-the-field problems came to light and caused the Dodgers to have second thoughts, and the trade fell through. So Chapman is still a Red for the time being, and we have a virtual “fun card” error. Sort of bring to mind the whole “Washington Nat’l League” fiasco of the 1974 base set, doesn’t it?

I hope Chapman is able to work out whatever issues he has, and that the Reds can find an acceptable deal for the closer. While I said a few days ago that we would miss him in Cincinnati—and we certainly will miss his talent—the team doesn’t need a personality like that in the clubhouse negatively influencing the younger players.

Fun Cards: More Will Ferrell!!! #FerrellTakesTheField

Inspired by a conversation with Patrick, here are a few more Will Ferrell “fun cards” I created while watching the seventh season of True Blood early this morning.

ferrell - rookie infielders

ferrell - rookie outfielders

ferrell - rookie 2000

Fun Cards Submissions: 1974 Topps “Traded” Chris Heisey and Matt Magill



The Dodgers needed a pinch-hitter/sixth-string outfielder, and the Reds needed another pitcher that likes to allow the other team to score (6.51 ERA in six major league starts). Matt Magill was roughed up in the bigs, but he didn’t fare much better in the minors, posting a 5.21 ERA at AAA Albuquerque. Of course, Chris Heisey‘s .222 batting average isn’t much to get excited about either, regardless of how nice a guy he is.

TWJ contributor Patrick e-mailed these 1974 Topps “Traded” cards to me last night to post on the blog today. They look great, though I would like to learn how to airbrush the logos rather than Photoshop to make it more faithful to the original style. They are great cards though, and I wish Heisey the best of luck in Los Angeles.

Horror Fun Cards: 1974 Topps Leatherface

1974 Topps Custom Card Leatherface A Texas Chain Saw Massacre Jedidiah Sawyer Tobe Hooper

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Fun Cards Submission: 1974 Topps Pete Rose (Florence Freedom)

1974 Topps Pete Rose

TWJ contributor Patrick is at it again! He sent over this sweet-looking 1974 Topps Pete Rose card commemorating the Hit King’s night in Florence, Kentucky. There is something awesome about the 1974 Topps baseball card set, especially horizontal cards, and Rose. A few months ago, this post from Mets Baseball Cards Like They Ought To Be popped up in my RSS feed, and it blew me away. I love the simplicity of this set.

Fun Cards Submission: 1974 Topps Bryan Price & coaches

1974 Topps Price


TWJ contributor Patrick sent this “fun card” to me back in December after some of the coaching changes were announced, but it slipped my mind before I got a chance to post it in a timely manner. After I found it again, I decided to hold it until today…the start of a new season, and a new era, in Reds baseball.

Billy Hatcher returns to the Reds coaching staff, along with Price’s picks Steve Smith, Don Long, and Jay Bell, among others.

2014 is going to be a great season in Cincinnati! GO REDS!

Arroyo in Arizona

Arroyo in Arizona

The deal is official. Bronson Arroyo passed his physical exam yesterday and is now officially a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Reds have a very good pitching staff, and extending him another year for $14 million just didn’t make sense. Arroyo met with several teams over the winter months, including the New York Mets and Minnesota Twins, but in the end Arizona was the only team that was seriously interested. He is a dependable starter and will fit in well at the bottom of the D’backs rotation, but still seems a bit pricey for a #4 starter in my opinion.

I attempted to go old-school with the Photoshop “fun card” above. It has a bit of airbrush quality to it, but still uses the real Arizona logo because I couldn’t digitally draw that if my life depended on it. At least not in less than ten minutes, which is all the time I wanted to spend on it.

Fun Cards Submission: 1974 Topps Traded David Holmberg


The newest member of the Cincinnati Reds is David Holmberg, traded from the Diamondbacks in the deal that sent Ryan Hanigan to Tampa Bay. We’re still learning who this guy is, but so far he sounds like a decent pick-up.

“Fun card” provided by TWJ contributor Patrick.

Fun Cards Submission: 1974 Topps Bryan Price

Bryan Price

TWJ contributor Patrick sent over this “fun card” of Bryan Price recently. Price currently has no cards that I am aware of, but there are some autographed 8×10’s available on eBay for purchase. The new manager will likely be signing at Redsfest in December, but without any official cardboard available, I can’t imagine his line will be very long.

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