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Fun Cards: 1968 Topps Marc Bolan & Steve Peregrin Took (T. Rex)

Marc Bolan 1968 Topps 2020 Rock Hall of Fame T Rex

The band was initially called Tyrannosaurus Rex, but after four releases it was shortened to T. Rex in 1970. I couldn’t fit the entire word on the 1968 format without it looking really goofy, so I rewrote history a little bit with these Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrin Took cards. Bolan was killed in an automobile accident in 1977.

Steve Peregrin Took T Rex 1968 Topps 2020 Rock Hall of Fame

Took appeared on the first three Tyrannosaurus Rex albums; he is not listed among the members of T. Rex to be inducted to the Rock Hall this year. He died in 1980 of “asphyxiation after inhaling a cocktail cherry.” Why are so many rock ‘n’ rollers so reckless?

Topps Throwback Thursday on the way


I bit the bullet and purchased the Topps TBT cards that were offered up last week. 1968-style Johnny Bench, Nolan Ryan, Paul Molitor, Willie Stargell, Andre Dawson, and Carlton Fisk.


I got an email yesterday that they are on the way! The initial plan was to hang on to the greatest catcher ever in my Reds collection (still happening), and offer up the rest on eBay to try to recoup the cost. The problem is, I hate eBay. Absolutely loathe using the site. Selling is worse than buying. So here’s how you can help me out…

Take the extras. Ryan is already spoken for in a Twitterfied trade, but the other four are up for grabs. Let me know what you’re willing to part with (either Reds cards or green cash), and we’ll see if we can work something out. Send me an e-mail or a Twitter message or a smoke signal or something.

Horror Fun Cards: 1968 Topps George A. Romero

George A Romero Night of the Living Dead

Purchase George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead!

Horror Fun Cards: 1968 Topps Rosemary Woodhouse

1968 Topps Rosemarys Baby

Purchase Rosemary’s Baby!

Fun Cards Submissions: Cincinnati Reds 2013 Draft Picks, Rounds 34-40

Rounds 34-36

One last post on the 2013 MLB Draft featuring the final seven selections for the Reds. TWJ contributor Patrick utilized the designs of 1968 Topps, 1966 Topps, and 1999 Topps to highlight these lower rounds.

Rounds 37-38

There is a scouting video of high schooler Alec Byrd here. He was born in 1995, a year after I graduated high school. This disturbs me.

Rounds 39-40

P.J. Cerrato was the second-to-last pick of the draft. He graduated from Ramapo College in New Jersey in the spring, and was the captain of the baseball team in 2012 and 2013. Check out his bio and highlights at Ramapo’s Athletics page.

Thanks to TWJ contributor Patrick for tracking down all the photos and putting these “fun cards” together. I know it wasn’t easy, but I think they turned out great!

Fun Card Submission: 1968 Topps Johnny Bench

1968 Bench

In 1968, Johnny Bench shared a card with fellow Reds rookie Ron Tompkins. Tompkins never actually threw a pitch during the regular season for the Reds; he made his debut in 1965 with the Kansas City Athletics and did not pitch again at the big league level until 1971 with the Cubs. The 1968 card was even Tompkins’ first; he appeared in 1966 on a Kansas City Rookie Stars card with Larry Stahl.

Why should Bench share a card with Tompkins? He shouldn’t! TWJ contributor Patrick sent over the above “fun card” showing the greatest catcher of all-time on his very own rookie card.

This is not the first time a new 1968 version of Bench has surfaced. Cards That Never Were posted one last year, and in 2001 Topps issued a solo card for Bench in the Archives Reserve set.

Tomorrow, I’ll share more from Patrick: a couple of alternatives to Bench’s 1971 Topps card, and on Wednesday a 1972 “In Action” card of Joe Morgan.

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