2014 Cincinnati Reds

Below is a master checklist for Cincinnati Reds cards. Information for these lists has been gathered from numerous sources, including Beckett, eBay, teamsets4u.com, the Supercollector Catalog, and Wrigley Wax.

Cards I have in my Reds collection (will be) marked with a strike-through; all other cards should be considered a part of my “want list.” If you have anything I’m missing and want to arrange a trade or sale, or if you are aware of other cards not listed here (even if you don’t have them available for trade), contact me at jasontcarter at gmail dot com. Thanks for looking!

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Page in progress…

2014 BowmanHomer Bailey
5 Jay Bruce (Hometown parallel)
10 Mike Leake

22 Johnny Cueto
52 Tony Cingrani
57 Mat Latos
62 Aroldis Chapman
114 Joey Votto

132 Billy Hamilton
133 Homer Bailey
203 Brandon Phillips
218 David Holmberg
BP65 Carlos Contreras
BP66 Ben Lively

BP91 Gabriel Rosa
BP104 Seth Mejias-Brean
BTP10 Billy Hamilton (Top Prospects)
FDC-BHA Billy Hamilton (Chrome Fire Die Cut)
PA-KW Kyle Waldrop (certified autograph)
BM-CR5 Nick Travieso (mini)

2014 Bowman Draft
DP15 Nick Howard
DP25 Alex Blandino
DP55 Taylor Sparks
DP97 Wyatt Strahan
DP115 Gavin LaValley (Chrome)
DP131 Tejay Antone
TP24 Phil Ervin
TP25 Jesse Winker
TP43 Ben Lively
TP58 Michael Lorenzen
TP59 Robert Stephenson
89BIB-BL Ben Lively (Bowman is Back Silver Diamond Refractor)
BSB-BL Ben Lively (Bowman Scouts’ Breakouts)
BSB-KW Kyle Waldrop (Bowman Scouts’ Breakouts)
DD-HB Nick Howard/Alex Blandino (Dual Draftees)
FF-JW Jesse Winker (Future of the Franchise)

2014 Bowman PlatinumMat Latos
21 Joey Votto
51 Tony Cingrani
61 Mat Latos
63 Aroldis Chapman
68 Jay Bruce
78 Billy Hamilton
BPP100 Robert Stephenson
BPP99 Nick Travieso

2014 Donruss
23 Jay Bruce (Diamond Kings)
32 Billy Hamilton (Rated Rookie)
64 Brandon Phillips
65 Joey Votto
86 Shin-soo Choo
106 Aroldis Chapman
175 Jay Bruce
192 Pete Rose
195 Johnny Bench

226 Joey Votto (Diamond Kings)
241 Tucker Barnhart (Rated Rookie)
255 David Holmberg (Rated Rookie)
281 Billy Hamilton
282 Joey Votto
283 Johnny Cueto
284 Mat Latos

285 Tony Cingrani
BP-2 Homer Bailey (Breakout Pitchers)
BP-18 Aroldis Chapman (Breakout Pitchers)
BP-19 Mike Leake (Breakout Pitchers)
BP-22 Mat Latos (Breakout Pitchers)
E-1 Brandon Phillips (Elite) (#304/999)
E-10 Jay Bruce (Elite)
MVP-4 Joey Votto (Team MVP)
MVP-26 Joe Morgan (Team MVP)
MVP-27 Pete Rose (Team MVP)
NN-3 Homer Bailey (No-No’s)
PP-9 Joe Morgan (Power Plus)
TR-2 Billy Hamilton (The Rookies)
BK-11 Jay Bruce (Bat Kings/Series 2)
BK-14 Devin Mesoraco (Bat Kings/Series 2)
BK-27 Brandon Phillips (Bat Kings/Series 2)
BK-44 Joey Votto (Bat Kings/Series 2)
E-11 Joey Votto (Elite/Series 2)
E-12 Aroldis Chapman (Elite/Series 2)
E-63 Jay Bruce (Elite/Series 2)
E-81 Billy Hamilton (Elite/Series 2)
ED-15 Joey Votto (Elite Dominator/Series 2)
F-11 Johnny Cueto (Face to Face/Series 2)
JK-26 Derrick Robinson (Jersey Kings/Series 2)
JK-36 Zack Cozart (Jersey Kings/Series 2)
S-10 Joey Votto (Studio/Series 2)
TR-24 Tucker Barnhart (The Rookies/Series 2)
TR-38 David Holmberg (The Rookies/Series 2)
TC-7 Brandon Phillips (Turn of the Century/Series 2)
TC-26 Joey Votto (Turn of the Century/Series 2)
TC-71 David Holmberg (Turn of the Century/Series 2)

2014 Panini Extra Elite
33 Tejay Antone
38 Taylor Sparks (die-cut autograph) (#073/100)

2014 Panini Golden Age
4 Harry Wright
76 Vada Pinson

86 Pete Rose

2014 Panini Prizm
23 Mat Latos
87 Brandon Phillips
103 Joey Votto
116 Jay Bruce
167 Pete Rose
196 David Holmberg
200 Billy Hamilton
DD-6 Joey Votto (Diamond Dominance)

2014 Panini Perennial Draft
Gavin LaValley
Nick Howard
Taylor Sparks
Tejay Antone
Wyatt Strahan
Alex Blandino
Raisel Iglasias

2014 Topps2014 Topps
16 Johnny Cueto (red) (gold 1589/2014)
19 Joey Votto (blue parallel) (red)
21 Alfredo Simon (autographed)
23 Chris Heisey (autographed)
(red hot foil)
36 Billy Hamilton RC
38 Alvarez/Goldschmidt/Jay Bruce (League Leaders) (green) (yellow)
77 Aroldis Chapman
78 Bronson Arroyo
(gold 1026/2014)
80 Jack Hannahan (green) (blue)
106 Shin-Soo Choo
124 Jay Bruce
140 Jonathan Broxton (green) (red)
143 Goldschmidt/Jay Bruce/Freeman (League Leaders) (red)
277 Mike Leake (green)
366 Zack Cozart
393 Devin Mesoraco (blue)
406 Ramon Santiago
428 Skip Schumaker
445 Sean Marshall
478 Billy Hamilton (checklist)
505 Homer Bailey
509 Brandon Phillips
(gold 0703/2014)
580 Todd Frazier
581 Tony Cingrani
583 Ryan Ludwick
597 Mat Latos
US-112 Alfredo Simon
US-146 Neftali Soto

US-155 Devin Mesoraco
US-163 Ramon Santiago
US-172 Tucker Barnhart

US-209 Roger Bernadina
US-248 Brayan Pena
US-288 Aroldis Chapman
US-329 Todd Frazier

50YD-10 Johnny Bench (50 Years of the Draft)
BG-1 Johnny Bench (Before They Were Great)
BGA-JB Johnny Bench (Before They Were Great Autographs)
BGAR-JB Johnny Bench (Before They Were Great Autograph Relics)
BGR-JB Johnny Bench (Before They Were Great Relics)
FN-35 Billy Hamilton (The Future is Now)
ITN-ACH Aroldis Chapman (In The Name Relics)
ITN-BPH Brandon Phillips (In The Name Relics)
ITN-JVO Joey Votto (In The Name Relics)
PP-45 Johnny Cueto (Power Play Code Cards)
PP-51 Shin-Soo Choo (Power Play Code Cards)
PP-61 Joey Votto (Power Play Code Cards)
PP-76 Mike Leake (Power Play Code Cards)
PP-80 Aroldis Chapman (Power Play Code Cards)
PP-99 Jay Bruce (Power Play Code Cards)
RCAS-2 Tony Perez (Rookie Cup All Stars Rookie Cup Relics)
RCAS-18 Joey Votto (Rookie Cup All Stars Rookie Cup Relics)
RCF-6 Frank Robinson (Top 25 Rookie Card Reprints)
RCP-7 Frank Robinson (Rookie Card Manufactured Patch Image Cards)
RCP-23 Joey Votto (Rookie Card Manufactured Patch Image Cards)
RCT-9 Johnny Bench (All Rookie Cup Team)
RCTA-JB Johnny Bench (All Rookie Cup Team Autographs)
RCTAR-JB Johnny Bench (All Rookie Cup Team Autograph Relics)
RCTR-JB Johnny Bench (All Rookie Cup Team Relics)
SC-60 Mike Leake (Silk Cards)
SC-61 Johnny Cueto (Silk Cards)
SC-62 Shin-Soo Choo (Silk Cards)
SC-63 Aroldis Chapman (Silk Cards)
SC-76 Joey Votto (Silk Cards)
SCS-EL Ernie Lombardi (Strata Cut Signatures)
SF-17 Billy Hamilton (Spring Fever)
SF-45 Joey Votto (Spring Fever)
SFA-ED Eric Davis (Spring Fever Autographs)
SFA-ZC Zack Cozart (Spring Fever Autographs)
TARC-9 Johnny Bench (All Rookie Cup Team Rookie Cup Relics)
TM-37 Joey Votto (1989 Topps Minis Die Cut)
TM-38 Johnny Bench (1989 Topps Minis Die Cut)
TM-39 Joe Morgan (1989 Topps Minis Die Cut)
TR-JVO Joey Votto (Trajectory Relics)
UC-16 Joey Votto (Upper Class)
UC-17 Jay Bruce (Upper Class)
UC-JB Jay Bruce (Upper Class Relics)
UC-JVO Joey Votto (Upper Class Relics)

2014 Topps Allen and GinterBilly Hamilton
69 Johnny Cueto
73 Joe Morgan
102 Todd Frazier
111 Frank Robinson
186 Billy Hamilton RC
215 Johnny Bench
240 Tony Cingrani
249 Aroldis Chapman
260 Jay Bruce
296 Joey Votto
315 Brandon Phillips SP

2014 Topps Archives
17 Joey Votto
32 Frank Robinson
55 Jay Bruce
77 Joe Morgan
81 Todd Frazier
84 Tony Perez
87 Eric Davis
92 Aroldis Chapman
140 Tony Cingrani
161 Johnny Bench
166 David Holmberg

228 Brandon Phillips SP
230 Billy Hamilton SP
JVO Joey Votto (1969 Deckle Minis)
71H-BP Brandon Phillips (71-72 Hockey)
71H-CS Chris Sabo (71-72 Hockey)
71H-ED Eric Davis (71-72 Hockey)
71H-JV Joey Votto (71-72 Hockey)
87F-ED Eric Davis (1987 Future Stars)
FB-ED Eric Davis (1997 Firebrand)
67WC-BP Brandon Phillips (1967 Winners Celebrate)
67WC-JBR Jay Bruce (1967 Winners Celebrate)

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen
2 Frank Robinson
30 Bronson Arroyo
31 Jay Bruce
47 Mike Leake
61 Tony Cingrani
65 Todd Frazier
145 Joey Votto
145 Joey Votto (SP Photo Variation)
194 Aroldis Chapman
210 Homer Bailey
215 Tony Pérez
228 Brandon Phillips
228 Brandon Phillips (SP Photo Variation)
231 Mat Latos
233 Johnny Cueto
239 Johnny Bench
239 Johnny Bench (SP Photo Variation)
261 Joe Morgan
290 David Holmberg RC
344 Billy Hamilton (SP Photo Variation)

2014 Topps HeritageTodd Frazier
4 Pedro Alvarez (Pittsburgh Pirates)/Jay Bruce (Cincinnati Reds)/Domonic Brown (Philadelphia Phillies)/Paul Goldschmidt (Arizona Diamondbacks)
6 Freddie Freeman (Atlanta Braves)/Jay Bruce (Cincinnati Reds)/Paul Goldschmidt (Arizona Diamondbacks)
60 Aroldis Chapman
72 Homer Bailey
97 Chris Heisey
123 Johnny Cueto
128 Mike Leake
152 Todd Frazier

173 Ryan Ludwick
181 Tuffy Gosewisch (Diamondbacks)/Nick Christiani (RC)
211 Bronson Arroyo
243 Nick Castellanos (Tigers)/Billy Hamilton (RC)
247 Mat Latos
273 Chad Bettis (Rockies)/David Holmberg (RC)
324 Devin Mesoraco
339 Zack Cozart
432 Jay Bruce(SP)
456 Brandon Phillips(SP)
472 Joey Votto(SP) (THC-472 black)
496 Tony Cingrani(SP)
65MLB-JB Johnny Bench (1965 MLB Draft)
65MLB-JB2 Johnny Bench (1965 MLB Draft)
BF-HK Frank Robinson (Baseball Flashbacks)
JB Johnny Bench (1965 Giant Baseball Players Box Loader)
PBC-JV Joey Votto (Patch Book Cards)
TAN-MV Willie McCovey/Joey Votto (Then and Now)
TAN-RD Frank Robinson/Chris Davis (Then and Now)

2014 Topps Museum Collection
6 Billy Hamilton
17 Todd Frazier
81 Devin Mesoraco
83 Tony Cingrani
96 Johnny Bench

2014 Topps Opening Day
85 Mike Leake
95 Todd Frazier
109 Jay Bruce
111 Aroldis Chapman
121 Brandon Phillips
129 Joey Votto
170 Billy Hamilton
179 Johnny Cueto
201 Tony Cingrani
211 Mat Latos
BI-4 Mascot Races (Between Innings)
BO-10 Jay Bruce (Breaking Out)
BO-11 Joey Votto (Breaking Out)
FU-18 Brandon Phillips (Fired Up)
M-11 Gapper (Mascot)
ODS-21 Joey Votto (Opening Day Stars)
SC-1 Jay Bruce (Superstar Celebrations)

2014 Topps Stadium ClubBrandon Phillips
33 Tony Cingrani
79 Brandon Phillips
84 Aroldis Chapman
87 Joey Votto
96 Johnny Cueto
113 Johnny Bench
124 Billy Hamilton RC
146 Jay Bruce
166 Mat Latos
190 Todd Frazier
BT-8 Joey Votto (Beam Team)
FA-16 Johnny Bench (Field Access)
FS-7 Billy Hamilton (Future Stars Diecuts)
LDC-5 Johnny Bench (Legeds Diecuts)

2014 Topps Stickers
220 Mat Latos
221 Johnny Cueto
222 Billy Hamilton
223 Brandon Phillips
224 Joey Votto
225 Jay Bruce
226 Aroldis Chapman

227 Todd Frazier
228 Gapper

2014 Topps Pro Debut
144 Robert Stephenson (Dayton Dragons)
145 Nicholas Travieso (Dayton Dragons)
147 Ismael Guillon (Dayton Dragons)

205 Kyle Waldrop (Bakersfield Blaze)

2014 Topps Tribute
31 Joey Votto
43 Aroldis Chapman
44 Johnny Bench
54 Frank Robinson
TT-TC Tony Cingrani (Tribute Traditions autograph 38/99)

2014 Topps Turkey Red
#15 Joey Votto
#16 Brandon Phillips
#17 Aroldis Chapman
#99 Mat Latos (Blank Back 1/1)



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