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Fun Cards Submission: 2016 Topps Johnny Cueto

Cueto SF

Six years, $130 million. I can’t even comprehend that kind of cash. Where in the world are these teams getting the money? I’m certainly not buying much merchandise, and I rarely go to games, so it’s not from me. It just boggles my mind.

TWJ contributor Patrick did a great job with this Johnny Cueto “fun card” based on the 2016 design. We probably won’t see a real Cueto Giants card until series 2, so this will have to tide us over until then.

I’m not big on the 2016 design, and actually like Zvon’s tweaks better than Topps’ effort. I love my borders.

Fun Cards submission: 1974 Topps Traded Aroldis Chapman…not so fast

chapman traded

TWJ contributor Patrick started working on a “traded” card for Aroldis Chapman in the style of 1974 Topps soon after the deal to the Dodgers was announced. Then off-the-field problems came to light and caused the Dodgers to have second thoughts, and the trade fell through. So Chapman is still a Red for the time being, and we have a virtual “fun card” error. Sort of bring to mind the whole “Washington Nat’l League” fiasco of the 1974 base set, doesn’t it?

I hope Chapman is able to work out whatever issues he has, and that the Reds can find an acceptable deal for the closer. While I said a few days ago that we would miss him in Cincinnati—and we certainly will miss his talent—the team doesn’t need a personality like that in the clubhouse negatively influencing the younger players.

Fun Cards Submission: 1959 Topps “Baseball Shrills” Joey Votto

Votto birthday

Following a kerfuffle at home plate Wednesday night, Joey Votto was handed a two-day suspension. He is appealing the suspension on the belief that he should not have even been ejected from the game, let alone suspended. Home plate umpire Bill Welke refused to grant Votto a timeout, which led to a heated exchange between the two. Votto was subsequently ejected along with manager Bryan Price. It was the third time this season Votto has been ejected from a game.

TWJ contributor Patrick sent this “fun card” over Thursday night, and I had intended to post it Friday morning. I have no excuse for failing to do so other than forgetfulness. It’s a great card which shows humor in light of the situation.

Happy belated birthday to the 2010 NL MVP, and thank you again for a great “fun card” Patrick!

Fun Cards Submission: 1972 Topps Traded Mike Leake @MikeLeake44

LEAKE 1972 traded

Mike Leake went six and a third innings in his San Francisco debut yesterday, allowing only two runs, but ended up on the losing side as the Rangers’ Martin Perez held the Giants to only one run. Leake now wears uniform number 13 for the Giants, but has not yet updated his Twitter handle to reflect the uniform number change.

TWJ contributor Patrick went with the 1972 style for this Traded card. I love the 1972 set, and used it a few years ago to make cards for most of the Reds team. This is another great submission, though I hate seeing Leake wearing a different uniform.

Fun Cards Submission: 1982 Topps Sean Casey (Highlights)

Casey 2015

Todd Frazier put on a show at the Home Run Derby a couple of weeks ago, but there was a guy in the stands that stole a little bit of the spotlight for about ten seconds. Reds Hall of Famer Sean Casey was hanging out with the fans and snagged one of the home runs that flew his way, and TWJ contributor Patrick immortalized the moment on virtual cardboard for all of us to enjoy.

Casey, also known as “The Mayor”, hit 130 home runs during his own big league career, and appeared in three All-Star Games representing the Reds. Three times he hit 20 or more home runs, and twice he reached 99 RBI, but was never able to get to the century mark.

Patrick sent this card over shortly after the event, but I failed to post it right away because of other obligations. My schedule is settling down now a little bit, and I should be able to take better care of the site. I apologize to Patrick for the delay, and to the readers for the infrequency of posts recently. Hopefully things are back on track and you will see something happening here more than once a week.

Fun Cards Submission: 1976 Topps Traded Johnny Cueto

cueto trade

TWJ contributor Patrick delivers again with this “fun card” of former Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto. Man, it’s difficult putting “former” before “Reds” in that sentence. We’ll miss Johnny Beisbol in Cincinnati, but I’m happy to see him going to Kansas City, one of the most exciting teams in the majors to watch. I caught a few minutes of last night’s game against Cleveland in between zzz’s, and it was good to see Lorenzo Cain and Edinson Volquez and the rest of that Royals squad on the field. Can’t wait to see them in the Fall Classic again this year.

Fun Cards Submission: 1961 Baseball Scoops Michael Lorenzen @Lorenzen55

Lorenzen 486

Reds rookie pitcher Michael Lorenzen stepped up yesterday, holding the Pittsburgh Pirates to only three hits over six innings, striking out four batters. It’s a nice rebound for the young pitcher, who was roughed up a little by the Brewers in his first start. Sure, they only scored three runs, but if the Brewers even score once, you should consider yourself roughed up.

TWJ contributor Patrick sent over this “fun card” in the style of the 1961 Baseball Scoops set to commemorate Lorenzen’s first victory.

Fun Cards Submission: 2015 Topps “Spring Fever” Will Ferrell

spring fever  Ferrell

TWJ contributor Patrick sent over this Will Ferrell “fun card,” based on the 2015 Topps “Spring Fever” design. He also gave me an idea for another Ferrell card or two, which I plan to work on tonight and post tomorrow afternoon if they turn out satisfactory.

Fun Cards Submissions: 1979 O-Pee-Chee Keyvius Sampson

Keyvius Sampson

The ninth-rated prospect in the Padres’ minor league system before last season is now on the Reds’ 40-man roster. Keyvius Sampson was doing well at the AA level, going 10-4 with a 2.26 ERA in San Antonio in 2013. When he reached AAA, though, he took three steps back. In 23 starts, Sampson was 4-8 wth a 6.80 ERA. Hopefully he can regain his AA form and assist the Reds in their quest for the 2015 World Championship!

Keyvius Sampson

TWJ contributor Patrick gives us two versions of a 1979 O-Pee-Chee Keyvius Sampson card…no airbrushing, just a “claimed off waivers” line to indicate why his uniform doesn’t match the team name at the bottom. Great cards as always Patrick!

Fun Cards Submission: 1976 Topps Traded Marlon Byrd

Marlon Byrd traded to Reds

How big of a deal is the Marlon Byrd trade for the Reds? Only time will tell, but considering that Byrd hit 49 homers and drove in 173 runs over the past two years, it’s bound to be an improvement over what the Reds have trotted out into left field recently. Add to that a very respectable .277 average, and the 329 strikeouts don’t seem like that huge of a deal.

Ryan Ludwick, who is still looking for a team for 2015, only played in 150 games over that span, with 11 home runs, 57 RBI and a .243 batting average. Chris Heisey, traded to the Dodgers earlier in the off-season, didn’t fare much better: 206 games, 17 home runs, 45 RBI, .228 batting average.

TWJ contributor Patrick stepped up quickly with a great “fun card” in the style of 1976 Topps Traded. I’m love these customs that Patrick is sending in, and hope you do too!

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