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He broke his leg, now he is breaking our hearts

1985 Topps Lorenzen

Jared Lorenzen, injured quarterback for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters, has announced that he is finished playing indoor football. The “Hefty Lefty” said the decision was due in part to his broken leg, but added, “I’m tired of being burned by ownership.” Fort Thomas Matters has the full story.


Lorenzen goes down

Fort Thomas Matters broke the news that Jared Lorenzen broke his leg a few days ago, and even has video of the fateful play. This could be a devastating blow to the Northern Kentucky River Monsters, at least publicity-wise, as Lorenzen was the biggest name on the team.

TWJ contributor Patrick quickly sent over a couple of “fun cards” of this season lowlight, using the 1978 and 1979 Fleer football templates for inspiration.

1978 Fleer football Lorenzen fun card

1979 Fleer football Lorenzen fun card

I decided to get in on the action too, pulling from the 1985 Topps football set, one of my favorite card designs of all time regardless of sport.

1985 Topps football Lorenzen fun card

Another former Highlands High School quarterback, Kyle James, took over for Lorenzen. I still hope to catch a NKRM game this season, but it won’t be the same without the Hefty Lefty on the field.

Fun Cards Submission: 1959 Topps Jared Lorenzen

Lorenzen River Monsters

TWJ contributor Patrick is back with a brand new “fun card,” featuring the Pillsbury Throwboy Jared Lorenzen of the Northern Kentucky River Monsters. If you’re not familiar with the River Monsters, click here.

Thanks for the submission Patrick!

Too big for a binder: Boomer

Back when I was a football fan, and more specifically a Cincinnati Bengals fan, I accumulated some memorabilia that was too big for a binder. In 1986, McDonald’s issued football cards with some sort of a scratch-off game on a perforated bottom. The only card I have from this set is Boomer Esiason, and hey it’s a rookie card! The scratch-off game was separated from the card before I received it.

Boomer Esiason McDonalds

The other Boomer item I have is a candy bar wrapper. The candy bar is long gone of course. There is an offer on the back for a limited edition “I Ate a Boomer Bar” shirt. There are a handful of Boomer Bar wrappers on eBay, but no shirts.

Boomer Bar

Fun Cards: 2013 Topps Marvin Lewis

Lewis Topps

Before today’s Reds game, some of the Bengals players and staff took batting practice. Coach Marvin Lewis even got in the cage and took a few hacks. Maybe he and Dusty Baker can switch jobs? Couldn’t do any worse, could he?

TWJ 2012: Arian Foster

From undrafted free agent to one of the most sought-after running backs in Fantasy Football drafts, Arian Foster rushed for over 1600 yards in his second season.

Why did every team pass over Foster in 2009? According to Wikipedia:

Foster’s subpar senior campaign caused his draft stock to plummet, as well as scouts’ concerns about his below-average pass-blocking, issues with ball security and the less-than-stellar reviews from Tennessee staff members that portrayed him as selfish and hard to coach.[13] A pulled hamstring also prevented Foster from working out at the NFL Scouting Combine, then he had a poor showing at Tennessee’s Pro Day when he registered a 4.71 40-yard dash, 4.50 short shuttle, 32-inch vertical leap and 9’7″ broad jump.

running back arian smith

Large photo credit: AJ Guel
Inset photo credit: US Presswire

TWJ 2012: Andrew Luck

It’s Sunday, so might as well post a football card, right? I’m not sure how many current players I will feature in this set, since I’m not a huge fan of modern-day football. My interested in football peaked in the late 1980s and waned by the time I left for college in 1994.

Andrew Luck, however, seems to be an exciting quarterback, a bit of a throwback to the bombastic QBs of the late 80s and early 90s. This guy has a cannon for an arm and if he can hook up with his receivers, he should make a huge impact for the Colts this year.

rookie Colts QB

Large photo credit: AP
Inset photo credit: AJ Mast/AP

Fun Cards: 1985 Topps USFL “The Outlaws”

One of the greatest albums ever released was 1976’s Wanted! The Outlaws, featuring Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Jessi Colter, and Tompall Glaser. It reached #1 on the country charts and peaked at #10 on the pop charts. The two hit singles were “Suspicious Minds” and “Good Hearted Woman,” but I preferred “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys,” “Honky Tonk Heroes,” and “Put Another Log On The Fire.” That’s not to say the other songs are bad; in fact, there’s not a single track that I skip over when I listen to it.

A few days ago, I created a “fun card” of Waylon Jennings using the 1985 Topps USFL design and used that for the 1985 Topps “Father-Son” card I made of him and Shooter. Here is the full-size version of that Waylon card:

Waylon Jennings USFL

But I didn’t stop with Waylon. I made a card for each of the “Outlaws.”

Willie Neslon USFL

Tompall Glaser USFL

Jessi Colter USFL

All fans of country music should own this album in some form…vinyl, CD, MP3…whatever. It is one of the greatest albums ever, regardless of genre, and is near the top of my all-time favorites.

Purchase Wanted! The Outlaws.

Foreign football cards

1987 Topps American UK football cardsWhile trying to find a Turk Schonert football card (and failing…do any exist?), I made an interesting discovery. I stumbled across this article on mentioning Schonert, and displaying this non-Schonert card, which looks like a 1987 Topps issue, but there are some small differences.

Underneath the team banner, there is a small strip that says “1000 Yard Club,” and the Patriots logo is shown in a circle in the bottom right corner. I have never seen a card like this before, and I hate not knowing stuff, so I started scouring the internet for information. A Google image search for “1987 Topps Stanley Morgan” produced two main results: Morgan’s 1987 base card with a different photo, and Morgan’s 1987 glossy 1000 Yard Club insert card with the same photo as the card to the right. Surely no one went to all the trouble to switch out the photos, add a strip under the team name, and add the team logo to the front of the card, did they?


In 1987, Topps released a set of American football cards for the UK market with these variations and a slightly smaller size. There were only a few cards per team (88 cards total) and some of the cards do feature the same photo as their North American counterparts, while others trade out the regular photo for the glossy insert photo. The card backs are different as well, showing only the previous year’s statistics, facts about the player, and some information about the game of football. For instance, Rueben Mayes‘ card educates the UK collector about the “power sweep” play.

You can pick up a complete set on eBay for only $69.99, or hand-pick your favorites from; many of them can be had for as low as eighteen cents plus shipping (click on the “football” radio button and search for “1987 Topps American/UK”). Had I made this discovery a week ago, I would have purchased the four Bengals included in the set: Boomer Esiason, James Brooks, Cris Collinsworth, and Tim McGee.

But no Turk Schonert.

I feel a “fun card” coming on.

R.I.P. Junior Seau

(January 19, 1969 – May 2, 2012)

San Diego Chargers legend

Ten times an All Pro, twelve times a Pro Bowler, and a member of the NFL 1990s All-Decade Team. Seau was inducted into the San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame in November, 2011.

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