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A Doctor Who birthday party!

My son celebrated his fourteenth birthday this month, and he is such a big Doctor Who fan we decided to give him a Gallifreyan birthday. The problem is, we waited too late to get any store-bought stuff. You see, we live in the United States, and even as the Doctor’s popularity rises on this side of the pond, merchandise is still a bit difficult to come by. So we did the next best thing and made our own stuff!

We started by making some treat bags for the kids…

Tardis Treat Bags

These were simple enough. Purchase a few small blue paper bags from Meijer and print off the “Police Box,” “Public Use,” and “St. John’s Ambulance” signs from the internet. Then draw a few lines on with a Sharpie and you have your very own TARDIS treat bags!

What to put inside the treat bags? The kids are a bit old for the run-of-the-mill toys that you find at the department stores, so we just filled it with candy and TARDIS notebooks…

Tardis notebooks

There is a tutorial for making these here, and although we didn’t follow the directions precisely, they turned out nicely.

We were planning to have the kids make TARDIS papercrafts to pass the time…

Tardis papercraft

My son decided to go ahead and work on one a few days ahead of time, and decided it was too much work and too much of a chore to do at the party. So we used the ones he folded to decorate around the kitchen a bit. If you want to make one of your own, print off the template here or see if there is another template you like better here.

We ate pizza and chips, but you’ve got to have some sweet snacks at a party also. So we made some marshmallow Adipose for the kids to play with a munch on…

Adipose marshmallow snacks

Don’t let their cuteness fool you…these little buggers are dangerous! To learn more about Adipose, watch “Partners In Crime” from the fourth series of Doctor Who,

A birthday would not be complete without a birthday cake…

Tardis cake

We checked several stores in the area to see if they had Doctor Who-themed cakes, but to no avail. So my wife made her own!

She also made fezzes and bowties for all the kids to wear during the party…

Doctor Who bowtie and fez

Because fezzes and bowties are cool.

It turned out to be a pretty good party and all the kids, even the ones who are not yet familiar with Doctor Who, seemed to have a good time.

birthday party


The Flintstones and the Jetsons by RoomMates


Hanna Barbera Wall Decals
by RoomMates Peel and Stick Décor

Hanna Barbera created some of the most iconic cartoon characters back in the day, and of course Fred Flintstone and George Jetson were a couple of the most popular. I recently obtained giant wall decals from RoomMates of the great prehistoric and futuristic families for my mancave, and they look spectacular.


These wall decals were easier to apply than Hong Kong Phooey was, since there were fewer pieces to work with. The Flintstones wall decal is only four pieces: the car with the family, the smoke from the back wheel, “Yabba-Dabba-Doo,” and the nameplate; the Jetsons wall decal is one for the spaceship and several small decorative pieces.

If you are a Hanna Barbera fan, you will want to grab these wall decals while they last; there are only a few left, and they will not be reprinted once they’re gone. In addition to the Flintstones, Jetsons, and Hong Kong Phooey, RoomMates also offers Yogi Bear and Tom & Jerry. Looney Tunes designs have also been discontinued, so if you like Taz, Daffy Duck, or Tweety Bird, go ahead and grab those too!

Need some help paying for your new wall decals? RoomMates is giving away some store credit to a couple of lucky readers of The Writer’s Journey! (Full details at this link.) You can use the credit toward your favorite Hanna Barbera or Warner Brothers design, or any of RoomMates’ other offerings…Superman, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Harry Potter, even The Godfather! But you have to register for the giveaway by sending your name and e-mail address to by Sunday night at 11:59 pm eastern time; we’ll be announcing the winners on Monday!

Learn more about RoomMates Peel and Stick Décor and purchase your own!

Let’s Get Crafty: Bleached Johnny Bench t-shirt

A friend of mine is a big Cincinnati Reds fan, and especially a fan of the greatest catcher of all-time, Johnny Bench. Tomorrow I will be giving him his own bleached Bench t-shirt. I don’t believe he is a reader of the blog, so I feel safe showing it here without ruining the surprise…

bleached Johnny  Bench shirt

I have made several of these bleached t-shirts. My youngest son likes Joey Votto (see that shirt here, and several people have asked for R.A. Dickey shirts (here). I have also done some other non-baseball shirts for myself, including Edgar Allan Poe and Skeletor. If you like what you see, or if you have a special request, send me an e-mail (jasontcarter at gmail dot com) and we’ll try to work something out.

(Note: The white stuff on the right side of the picture is residue from the wax paper that will wash out. It’s not a part of the design.)

Hong Kong Phooey by RoomMates

The newest addition to the mancave

Hong Kong Phooey Giant Wall Decal
by RoomMates Peel and Stick Décor

Interior decoration has never been easier, now that wall graphics have become so popular. RoomMates Peel and Stick Décor has a great selection of licensed decals, including Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Warner Brothers, and Hanna Barbera, as well as designs for the more “mature” adult (something I will never be called). I received Hong Kong Phooey, one of the most underappreciated Hanna Barbera cartoons, and it didn’t take long to find a place to stick him up on the wall.

The decal (which comes in several smaller sections) measures 36″x38″ when assembled, so you have to choose your space carefully if you cover your walls as much as I do. I have several baseball posters, concert photos, and sports banners covering a lot of wall space in the basement (or, as I like to call it, “the mancave”); fortunately I was able to find a perfect spot for Hong Kong Phooey above the sofa. Once I chose the location and made sure the wall was clean, I went to work applying the decal. This proved to be a little more difficult than I anticipated because of the size of the individual pieces. Since the product is designed to not damage painted walls, though, it was no trouble to keep moving the pieces until I positioned them just right.

The large Hong Kong Phooey comes in six individual pieces, plus the nameplate and a smaller graphic of the character (in one piece). Some designs have fewer individual pieces, others are larger. Those who have never applied a wall decal might have to peel and stick a few times, but once it is in the right place, it looks great.

Learn more about RoomMates Peel and Stick Décor and purchase your own.

New Shirt Alert! RON PAUL now in my Etsy shop! (free shipping!)

To order your Ron Paul shirt (free shipping), click here!

Have a suggestion for another shirt? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

See also: Joey Votto and Doctor Who…free shipping on those too!

By the power of Grayskull!

I’ve wanted a He-Man themed t-shirt for quite some time now, but the only ones I’ve ever seen in my size (“too big to still watch cartoons”) are uberexpensive. I’m not rolling in dough, people. So last night, I picked up a few clearance t-shirts at a local department store and went to work. And now, I have my very own Skeletor t-shirt!

Yes, I finally have a He-Man themed t-shirt!

For those nosy people out there who are wondering what all that junk is behind me, that’s one of my bookshelves in my man-cave. On the top are some souvenir baseballs, Starting Lineup figures, and an autographed baseball and card from Chris Sabo. Then there are some Masters of the Universe figures, bobbleheads, and baseball cards on the shelves themselves.

Let’s get crafty: R.A. Dickey t-shirt

Yes, I do requests (if you’re willing to pay). New to the TWJshop on Etsy is this custom R.A. Dickey t-shirt! Dickey is a pitcher for the New York Mets, who formerly pitched for the Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, and Minnesota Twins.

If you have a favorite player, past or present, and you can’t seem to find a shirt featuring him, let me know! The cost is $25, free shipping. The design will be similar to the Joey Votto and Dickey shirts in the TWJshop on Etsy. Just e-mail me, jasontcarter at gmail dot com and let me know who you want!

Let’s get crafty: homemade Joey Votto t-shirt

Yesterday I showed you our homemade Doctor Who t-shirt…tonight we’ve got Joey Votto for you to behold.

I’ve decided to go ahead and offer these for sale…check out my Etsy shop if you think you’re interested.

UPDATE: Don’t want Votto? No problem. Tell me what player you’d be willing to pay for, and I’ll see what I can do. Already have an R.A. Dickey design in the works. As long as I can find a good source photo to work from, anything is possible. E-mail me at jasontcarter at gmail dot com and we’ll work something out.

Let’s get crafty: home-made Doctor Who shirt

Don’t you just love the internet and all the great ideas you can get from it? Thanks to The Daily What, I know have an awesome way to make custom, one-of-a-kind t-shirts.

My first two attempts did not work. The spray bottle I started with didn’t have a “mist” setting, it was more like “squirt or nothing.” My wife then stepped in and helped out, and this is the result:

Yes, a Doctor Who t-shirt in the USA!

We have several other ideas in mind, and whenever we get aorund to attempting them, you’ll see the successful results!

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