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The Moeller Show

Twice a year, a card show is hosted in the Moeller High School gymnasium. Moeller is the alma mater of two Baseball Hall of Famers, Barry Larkin and Ken Griffey Jr. I attended this show for the first time in November, 2008, and got my first Dave Parker autograph. I’m not sure why it took me a decade to go back, but last weekend my youngest son and I hit the show. No autographs this time around, just cards on the cheap, such as these Reds legends for a quarter each…

1985 Circle K baseball cards



Seaver no-hitter


Frank Robinson, Pete Rose, Junior Griffey, Tom Seaver, and Heinie Groh, thank you very much.

I also got a quartet of Gypsies for a quarter each as well…

2018 GQ

If I had more wall space, I would love to add some Heroes of Yesterday artwork by Steve Douglas to my collection. But I’m not going to buy something and let it collect dust in my closet, when it could be enjoyed by someone else hanging on their wall. But Mr. Douglas was giving out business cards which featured artwork as well, and I took one featuring Chris Sabo

Heroes of Yesterday

If you have a mancave and want to add a little originality to the walls, check out Heroes of Yesterday for some pretty cool pieces.

Of course, I grabbed a handful of non-Reds cards also. From Gypsy Queen, I scored Zack Cozart and Chris Archer for ten cents each…

2018 GQ

And Magic Johnson for a quarter…


And the entire 1989 Pro Set Football Final Update series…21 cards…for a quarter…

1989 Pro Set

I really miss Pro Set. I miss the fun NFL. I hope the XFL lives up to the hype and restores my interest in football.

I’m not going to wait another ten years to go back to the Moeller Show, but I don’t think I’ll wait until the last day to go, either. A lot of dealers had already packed up and left, and I’m sure those who remained were picked through pretty thoroughly before I got there. It was still fun, though, and I was happy with the cards I added to my collection.


Congratulations, Thomas More Saints women’s basketball team

Thomas More

The Thomas More Saints women’s basketball team has been undefeated for two seasons, repeating as NCAA Division III Champions! TWJ contributor Patrick is an alumnus of Thomas More College, and delivered with a great original “fun card” to commemorate the girls’ wire-to-wire season.

Goodbye, Meadowlark Lemon

(April 25, 1932 – December 27, 2015)


The “Clown Prince” of the Harlem Globetrotters, Meadlowlark Lemon passed away on December 27. TWJ contributor Patrick created a couple of “fun cards” to commemorate the hoops legend’s life. The Fleer card includes his uniform number and life span in the PSA information, which I thought was an especially nice touch.


Fun Cards Submission: 1978 Fleer Lauren Hill with Pat Summit

Lauren Hill and Pat Summit

TWJ contributor also sent over this “fun card” of Lauren Hill and the legendary Pat Summit, who presented Hill with the “Most Courageous Award” at halftime during Sunday’s game. Hill scored the first and last points of her first and last basketball game.

Fun Cards: 2014 TWJ Lauren Hill

2014 TWJ Lauren Hill

In addition to his fine submissions today, TWJ contributor Patrick encouraged me to make a 2014 TWJ card for Lauren Hill. A great idea, and a deserving athlete if there ever was one.

Fun Cards Submission: 1961 Nu-Card Basketball Scoops Lauren Hill

1961 Nu-Card Basketball Scoops Lauren Hill

Another great submission from TWJ contributor Patrick, starring Mount St. Joseph basketball player Lauren Hill.

Fun Cards Submission: 1990 Topps Debut Lauren Hill

1990 Topps Lauren Hill

TWJ contributor Patrick scored big with three awesome “fun cards” of Lauren Hill. Here is the first, in the style of the 1990 Topps MLB Debut set. If you’re not familiar with Hill’s story, then you haven’t turned on a television or logged onto Facebook in the past couple of days. Click here for the story.

Garage sale goodies

My father-in-law likes to go to garage sales, and at a recent one he “negotiated” for a free box of sports cards to be thrown in with something he wanted to buy. When my wife told me about the box, I didn’t have very high hopes…I’ve gotten garage sale boxes before, and they are full of junk wax. This one was also full of junk wax, but there were a few gems hidden inside.

Most of the box was basketball cards, but there were a few keepers even among them. Rex Chapman, B.J. Armstrong, Dee Brown, Muggsy Bogues, and Patrick Ewing were a few of the basketball cards I pulled out for myself.

And then the baseball cards, including a Frank Robinson manager card, Scott Rolen cereal card, and Chris Sabo playing card.

There were also a few Topps Stars cards from 1998…

There was also what appeared to be a retail blaster of 2005 Topps. All the packs were opened, but there were some pretty cool cards inside…

But the best card in the box, hands-down, was a 1971 Fergie Jenkins. Not. A. Reprint.

If it weren’t for a small pinhole just below his left sleeve, this would be a very good condition 1971 card. The corners are nice, no creases, just a small pinhole.

In any case, this was a pretty good box…especially for free!

Childhood heroes: basketball edition

I always hated University of Kentucky basketball. Perhaps it was just an act of rebellion, of non-conformity, because everyone I knew adored the Wildcats. When you live in Kentucky, you are expected to bleed blue. But I could not stand them. I latched onto Bobby Knight and the Indiana Hoosiers, and I would always root for IU when they played UK.

However, there was one UK player that I looked up to: Rex Chapman.

Recently I uncovered a stash of cards featuring King Rex tucked away in a box in my closet. No, they won’t pay for my kids’ college tuitions, but they brought back some fun memories of the 1988 first round pick for the Charlotte Hornets.

The rookie card:

The second-year, not-quite-as-cool-as-the-rookie-card, card:

The cooler-than-any-other-Rex-card-in-my-collection card (because I love art cards!):

Skybox was probably the coolest set in the world back in the day:

Check out the high-school-senior-pose and the sweater on the back:

Chapman’s most valuable base card in 1991 Fleer, even more than his rookie. You can buy it pretty cheap on eBay…only $20 with FREE shipping!

This was a cool little subset:

And the only non-Hornets card I own of King Rex:

There are only a handful of basketball players that I followed back in the day, and Rex Chapman is among them. Top five favorite? Absolutely. Probably top three even. If I had the cash, I would probably pick up a few more Rex Chapman cards from COMC.

Contest Time!

(click to enlarge)

As mentioned, I went through tons of basketball cards tonight. I don’t recognize most of the names. Most are from the “junk wax” era, starting with 1989 NBA Hoops (a great card, really…wish they had lasted longer). There may be a few older than that, maybe not. Can’t really remember. Some are in pretty bad shape. Others have four sharp corners. You can have them. Well, as many as I can fit in an 800-count box. Here’s what you gotta do…

This crossword puzzle.

That’s right. Just answer those questions and ship your answers to jasontcarter at gmail dot com. The first to get all 18 answers correct…which means they have to fit in the puzzle grid…will get the 800 or so basketball cards. There may be some Scottie Pippens in there, or some Robert Parrishes, maybe some Danny Ainges, I can’t really remember. No Jordans, Birds, Magics, or Isaiahs. Sorry.

The only hint you get is that the answer to every single question can be found somewhere on the blog starting with the last post on October 19 (“A very important message from Alice Cooper”). Except for one. One question (#8 across) is just a random question I pulled out of nowhere that you will just have to figure out using your knowledge of sports history and two letters shared with other answers. Everything else is referenced somewhere on this blog between “As promised…” and “A very important message from Alice Cooper.” It may be my words or opinions, or it may be facts printed on a card, or a quote from a card, but it’s all there somewhere. Sometimes the answer is a person’s last name only, sometimes full name. You have to figure it out by what fits in the puzzle.

OK, that’s enough rambling…get to solving!

Print it! Solve it! Win it!

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