Fun Cards: 1985 Donruss LL Cool J

LL Cool J 1985 Donruss

LL Cool J oozed cool in the 1980s. He still oozes cool today. “Mama Said Knock You Out” is my jam.


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  1. Yeah, I love LL, especially the early stuff. Some people go drinking on their 21st birthday; I went to see LL Cool J headlining at Madison Square Garden.

    After he was nominated and not selected for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame many times, this year they put him in in the “Musical Excellence” category, which used to be called “sidemen” but is now “sidemen plus people we feel like putting in even without a vote.” I have very mixed feelings about this–glad they’re honoring him, but he should have been in the main performer category!

    Anyway, nice card. Good use of the Def Jam logo. A keeper!

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