Book Review: The Twilight Zone by Barry Keith Grant (TV Milestones Series)

The Twilight Zone Barry Keith Grant book review

The Twilight Zone (TV Milestones Series)
by Barry Keith Grant
Wayne State University Press, 2020

Television has been a fantastic medium for bringing entertainment into the homes of Americans for decades. Beyond that, television has been a teacher to many. Many programs have included some sort of “moral to the story,” though that trend seems to have shifted in this day of so-called reality TV. One of the most enduring television shows of all-time is Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone. Barry Keith Grant, professor emeritus of film and popular culture at Brock University in Ontario, examines The Twilight Zone on a more scholarly level than most in his latest book, a part of Wayne State University Press’ “TV Milestone Series.”

Grant recognizes the fact that many books have already been published examining the series from many angles. His aim in this volume is “primarily on the interrelated questions of authorship, genre, style and ideology in the context of The Twilight Zone.” He touches not only on the issues of having a singular perspective guiding the narrative, but also the society in which the show aired, such as fears concerning the Cold War. I found his examination of Serling’s battle with sponsors one of the most interesting aspects of Grant’s book.

The impact of Rod Serling’s original run of The Twilight Zone is undeniable. The reason for the impact is telling: “The Twilight Zone explored the fringes of the fantastic but remained fixed in the familiar, and…revealed the monstrous within the normal and explored how thin the veneer of civilization in fact is.” With all apologies to Jordan Peele, it is doubtful anyone will ever produce a program with as much influence as Serling’s original The Twilight Zone.

Purchase The Twilight Zone (TV Milestones Series) by Barry Keith Grant.

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