Fun Cards: 1982 Fleer Mike Trout

Mike Trout 1982 Fleer

Today is a league-wide day off in baseball. I wonder how many ballplayers are going fishing? I listened to the Baseball Beyond Batting Average Podcast over the weekend*, and the ‘casters made reference to a few players with fishy names. That got me to wondering if I could fill a team of players with fish-themed names. Sure enough, I came up with quite a roster that includes Hall of Famers, All-Stars, Gold Glovers, Silver Sluggers, Most Valuable Players, and even a Cy Young Award winner. Unfortunately, I don’t have any lefties in the bullpen.

Without further ado, here’s the fishiest team in major league history, complete with WAR and honors.

1B: Sid Bream 11.1 — No All-Star teams, but you remember the slide, right?
George “Catfish” Metkovich 4.9

2B: Johnny “Crab” Evers 47.7, MVP, HOF — Gonzalez-to-Evers-to-Chance doesn’t have quite the ring as the traditional Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance, does it?
Johnny Ray 24.2
Bob Fisher 6.8

3B: Melvin Mora 28.3, 2xAS, SS
Matt “Carp” Carpenter 26.2, 3xAS, SS — Is “Carp” really a nickname?

SS: Alex “Sea Bass” Gonzalez 9.2, 1xAS — I’ve never heard him called “Sea Bass,” but it’s on his Baseball-Reference page!
Bobby Sturgeon 1.3

LF: Jesse “Crab” Burkett 59.6, HOF
Ralph Garr 14.8 1xAS
Mike Carp 1.6
Showboat Fisher 1.4 — Low WAR, but what a name!

CF: Mike Trout 70.1, 8xAS, 2xMVP, ROY, 6xSS — Three Hall of Famers on the team, but this guy is by far the best and he’s not even done playing.
A.J. Pollock 19.5, 1xAS, GG
Lip Pike 14.3 — Could double as the team’s manager.
Snapper Kennedy -0.1

RF: Tim Salmon 40.6, ROY, SS — Never made an All-Star team. Unbelievable.
Oscar Gamble 22.9 — The ‘fro.
Kevin Bass 14.8, 1xAS
Oscar Mercado 0.8 — He’s the “Rated Rookie” of the bunch, the youngster is batting .281 in his first season with the Indians.

C: Oscar Stanage 4.0 — Catcher is truly the weakest position.
Ed Whiting 2.7
Hank Conger 2.1
Gus Fisher 0.4

RHP: Dizzy Trout 49.6, 2xAS
Jim “Catfish” Hunter 40.9, 8xAS, CY, HOF — If he didn’t already have a plaque in Cooperstown, I’m not positive I would support his induction. But I don’t go against the voters very often.
Ray Fisher 20.8
Cherokee Fisher 15.5
Jeff “Shark” Samardzija 12.6, 1xAS
George Haddock 9.9
Jack Fisher 4.4

LHP: Steve “RainbowTrout 13.3
Robbie Ray 8.9, 1xAS
Roger Salmon -0.4

RP: Eddie Fisher 10.1, 1xAS — He had a very good year in 1965 and finished 4th in AL MVP voting. Probably didn’t deserve quite that much support, though.
Art Herring 3.2
Brian Fisher 0.8
Brad Salmon 0.3
Anthony Bass 0.0

Down on the farm: Zander Clarke (1B, LF) — Currently in the Giants’ organization. He attended UCLA.
Zander Wiel (1B, LF) — A product of Vanderbilt, Wiel was a 12th round pick for the Twins and is currently in Rochester with the AAA Red Wings. He has a bit of pop in his bat; I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in Minnesota next year.

* If you don’t listen to the Baseball Beyond Batting Average Podcast, you’re missing out. A lot of great, entertaining baseball talk. They are currently doing some team “Mount Rushmore” themed shows, which is really fun to think about. The show is available on just about every podcast app, so search in whichever player you use.


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  1. Check out Productive Outs podcast if you get a chance….it’s punk rock and baseball! Can’t go wrong.

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