Fun Cards: 1988 American League All-Star Third Basemen



Wade Boggs was the starting third baseman for the American League, with Carney Lansford and Gary Gaetti on the bench. I posted the Lansford and Gaetti cards a couple of years ago when they were initially made, but I had not yet decided to make new versions of the All-Stars who had cards in the actual Topps set. After I finished everything else earlier this year, I decided to go back and update the actual All-Stars as well.



How did the actual roster compare with the players’ opinions? See for yourself; here are the players’ picks:

I find the inclusion of Bell on the list amusing since he didn’t even play in the American League in 1988. He lost his starting job to Chris Sabo during spring training and was traded to Houston in June. In 1988, the Astros were still a National League team (as they should be still).



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  1. The Boggs cards appears to be wrong. Boggs had a higher career average of .328 and never hit 13 home runs in any season.

    • You’re right. I probably forgot to change the stats from whatever the prior card was, or was looking at another player’s B-R page for stats. We have an “UER” card!

  2. The ’88 All-Stars were a lasting, iconic design… but I prefer the waving ribbon on the ’89 All-Stars.

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