A Cracked Bat cracked my wantlist

1994 Studio

In 1994, I was a senior in high school. Way too cool for baseball cards (I wasn’t cool at all, actually). I slowed my collecting in 1992 drastically, and by 1994 I was completely out of the hobby. If I was into revisionist history, I would say the strike killed my love for the game. It wasn’t the strike, though. I just stopped following baseball as closely as I did in elementary and middle school.

When I came back to the hobby briefly in 2000, I bought some cards here and there and I think I even bought a complete set at some point. It was short-lived and I was back out of the hobby again by 2002. I didn’t reach back to fill in any missed years, so there was still a huge hole in my collection when I came back in 2008. Fortunately, through trading I have been able to reclaim some of those lost years.

Julie from A Cracked Bat hooked me up with some 1994 Studio and 1994 O-Pee-Chee. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen those O-Pee-Chee cards before.

1994 OPC

She also nailed it with this 1997 Upper Deck “Big Shots” Deion Sanders.

Neon Deion

I saw a handful of Reds games featuring Neon Deion, but not many. He was an exciting player, though. You never knew what to expect when he was on the field.

Julie didn’t stay in the 1990s, however. She also hit some recent needs, such as this 2014 Panini Classics Tony Perez


…and this 2016 Topps Scott Schebler rookie…


…and this 2018 Heritage Amir Garrett.


Earlier last week, I received my first 2016 Topps Bunt card that wasn’t an insert. Then Julie sent over a few more.


She also included a 2017 National Baseball Card Day Joey Votto. I didn’t know these even existed until a few weeks ago.


Apparently there is a 10-card team set out there as well.

Then there was this nice Mike Leake relic from 2014.


I miss Leake. He was my favorite pitcher on the team during his tenure. I hope he has a fantastic year with Ichiro in Seattle this season.

Thank you Julie for helping to connect the past with the present…


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