Fun Cards: 1988 Topps All-Star Danny Jackson

I have not purchased a single pack of 2017 baseball cards so far. I bought the Reds lot in a series 1 group break, and just placed an order for series 2 and Bunt on eBay last night. A few other 2017 issues have trickled my way via fellow collectors, and I appreciate each kind gesture.

In perusing the series 2 inserts last night, I got an idea pertaining to the 1987-style All-Star cards, which I promptly Tweeted.

By my count, there are only nine actual 1987 All-Stars among the 2017 Topps Series 2 1987 All-Stars: Ryne Sandberg, Rickey Henderson, Don Mattingly, Dave Winfield, Ozzie Smith, George Brett, Cal Ripken, Darryl Strawberry, and Mark McGwire. No Larry Parrish, no Sid Fernandez, no Mark Langston, no Hubie Brooks. But this year is done, mistakes have been made, so why not fix it next year?

I fired up the laptop and hammered out a Danny Jackson in the 1988 Topps All-Star style. DJ didn’t actually play in the game, but he was selected to the team based on a stellar first half.

Jackson 1988 All-Star

But I didn’t stop there. I decided to take a stab at the card back as well…

Jackson 1988 All-Star

What do you think? Each player gets a card in the style of the All-Star subset from any given year. I already have four more “fun cards” created that I will post next week, and I might run with this idea a bit and create cards for some of the other All-Stars from 1988. Anyone in particular you would like to see?


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