So close, yet so far away…

still havent found what im looking for

While going through my wantlists, I’ve noticed that I’m very close to completing some team sets from the major brands in the 1970s and 1980s. By close, I mean within six cards. There many from the 1970s that I am nowhere near completing, but a few are almost complete. Here are the current “so close” needs from various years:

Six cards away:
1974 Topps (need 201, 300, 333, 336, 341, 608)

Four cards away:
1978 Topps (need 246, 300, 526, 706)
1979 Topps (need 126, 200, 556, 650)

Three cards away:
1978 SSPC (need 112, 122, 132)
1982 Fleer (need 57, 82, 634)
1985 Fleer (need 550, 640, 650)

Two cards away:
1984 Donruss (need 2, “B” Bench/Yaz)
1986 Donruss (need 408, 650)
1989 Fleer Update (need 83, 84)
1989 Topps Mini (need 6, 9)

One card away:
1981 Topps (need 201 – Johnny Bench Record Breaker)
1983 Topps (need 101 – Pete Rose Super Veteran)
1984 Fleer Update (need 88 – Bob Owchinko)
1985 Fleer Update (need 112 – John Stuper)
1988 Score (need 132 – Tom Browning)
1988 Topps Big (need 214 – Jeff Treadway)

I will likely try to actively complete a few of these sets this year, being so close. I also looked at team sets that I have completed, and I was pleased with how many I have. This is only the five major sets of the 1980s, as well as their major year-end sets. It does not include the smaller, store-issued boxed sets over which Dub Mentality and Base Card Hero have recently been obsessing.

1980 Topps (including Burger King)
1981 Donruss, Fleer
1982 Donruss, Topps (including Traded)
1983 Donruss, Fleer, Topps Traded
1984 Fleer, Topps (including Traded)
1985 Donruss, Topps (including Traded)
1986 Fleer (including Update), Topps (including Traded)
1987 Donruss (including Highlights, Opening Day), Fleer (including Update), Topps (including Traded)
1988 Donruss (including Baseball’s Best, Rookies), Fleer (including Update), Topps (including Traded)
1989 Bowman, Donruss (including All-Stars, Baseball’s Best, Traded), Fleer, Score (including Rookie/Traded), Topps (including Traded), Upper Deck


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