Bobbleheads galore


Between regular giveaways, special ticket packages, and Hall of Fame offerings, the Reds have a ton of bobbleheads on tap for 2017. I’m not a crazy, “gotta have ’em all” bobblehead collector, but I do enjoy picking one up every now and then. Here is the run down of the stadium giveaways and ticket package bobbleheads available:

April 21, 22, 23 – Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon bobblehead (ticket package)
May 5 – Star Wars Stormtrooper bobblehead (ticket package)
May 20 – Adam Duvall bobblehead
June 2, 3, 4 – Iron Man bobblehead (ticket package)
June 3 – Anthony DeSclafani bobblehead
July 14 – Parrothead bobblehead (ticket package)
July 15 – Billy Hamilton bobblehead
July 21, 22, 23 – Charlie Brown bobblehead (ticket package)
August 4 – Elvis bobblehead (ticket package)
August 5 – Raisel Iglesias bobblehead
August 26 – Homer Bailey bobblehead
September 16 – Tony Perez/Sean Casey/Joey Votto triple bobblehead
September 23 – “Fan vote” bobblehead

Add to that six planned bobbles at the Hall of Fame for Leo Cardenas, Tommy Helms, Pete Rose, Ron Oester, Dave Parker, and George Foster, and your shelf could be full of just 2017 issues.

The ones I am most interested in from these are the Perez/Casey/Votto triple bobblehead, Charlie Brown, and Parker from the Hall of Fame. I don’t think I will put out the money for Charlie Brown, though, since those tickets are a bit more than I prefer to spend. The others are definite possibilities, and I may end up getting the Hall of Fame package that includes all six bobbleheads and a 1975 World Series replica ring.


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