Difficult decisions

Leave it to Night Owl to inspire me to blog for the first time in over a month. This started as a comment on this post, and I realized that it was probably long enough to warrant an actual post here.

do I need these cards

The patheticness of the Reds this year (and the last couple of years, really) has caused my interest in baseball to wane A LOT. I don’t plan on getting rid of my Reds cards, but do I really need so many cards of Mike Piazza, Jeff Bagwell, Roberto Alomar, etc.? Great players, yes, but from the era of overproduction, so they’ll never be “worth” anything, I don’t ever look at them. I’ve got a 5,000 card box that is begging me to let it go.



There are some non-Reds that I would keep, and would probably put in binders so I could enjoy, if I ever decluttered. Bo Jackson will always be one of my favorite players. And Reggie Jackson. Kurt Stillwell already has his own binder, so why not Reggie and Bo?


These are hard decisions to make, though. I’ve had some of these cards for 20-30 years. I already sent off the majority of my commons, and haven’t really missed them at all. Is it really time to just package the up the superstars and Hall of Famers and send them away? Will I ever think, “Oh, I wish I still had that 1993 Donruss Craig Biggio card still”? I doubt it. But I’m not quite ready to pull that trigger. I’m getting close, but I’m just not there yet. Besides, I don’t know anyone who collects Biggio or the Astros.


I’m planning to spend some time with my collection on Monday and Tuesday. Perhaps I will start making some decisions then. Maybe I will split my remaining Dodgers between Night Owl and GCRL, or my White Sox between White Sox Cards and 2×3 Heroes.


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  1. just received some cards from you – thanks! i am also going through and trying to winnow my non-dodger/non-garvey collection, but feel free to send any of your other unwanted dodgers my way, too.

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