How many variations are in Topps Heritage?

I picked up a couple of hanger boxers last night at Target (even though I said I wouldn’t), and was happy to pull a Max Scherzer Black Chrome Refractor.

Scherzer Refractor

Since I’m not a Scherzer fan, or a Nationals fan, or a “oooh shiny card” fan, I immediately scanned and went to eBay to sell. (Starting bid $5, or BIN $14.99.)

It’s an obvious variation. But then there are some other variations that are not-so-obvious. Like the photo variations. And color variations. And gum stain variations. So I need to find a good, reliable checklist and sit down with my new cards and figure out which ones might be eBayable. That sounds like work to me, and this is a hobby. I don’t like mixing work and hobby. I’m so conflicted.

I have six cards listed at the moment, including Stephen Piscotty “New Age Performers,” Matt Kemp and David Price SPs, Bryce Harper “Stand-Up,” and Starling Marte/Andrew McCutchen “Pitt Power,” all with a BIN option. I may add more before the day is over, but I have other things to do first.

I did get a couple of cards I’m not selling, too…


Everyone’s favorite right fielder that no one wants, Jay Bruce.


Reds team card featuring Billy Hamilton, Eugenio Suarez, and the dearly departed Todd Frazier.

And I know others have complained, and now it’s my turn. WHY, TOPPS, WHY DID YOU DO THIS???

Reds back

These are not Cincinnati Reds cards. If you’re going to be stupid and issue checklists in this fashion, then you should have Fleer-ordered the set by team.


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  1. Heritage is fast becoming as gimmicky and filled with ridiculous parallels as the flagship version was in 2014.

    I mean, Heritage is supposed to pay tribute to a past card set. Did those sets have stupid parallels? Nope!

    • Inserts? I’m fine with those. But the variations are headache-inducing. I still haven’t taken the time to sort through the cards to see if any have artificial gum stains or whatever.

  2. Your shiny Scherzer gives me an idea… A variation where they swap his mismatched eyes. How much do you think one could get for a “Brown eye on the left” variation? How long would it take people to notice?

    I agree, these variations are more frustrating than fun. I wish that Topps would, at the very least, label variations as such on the back… Oh, but but would take away the “fun”. (insert eye-roll here).

    The Cardboard Connection has a good rundown of variations. I don’t know how exhaustive it is, but it’s close enough for government work.

    • I didn’t even notice the mismatched eyes. Wow. Haha.

      Thanks for the link. I had intended to go through my cards and list more on eBay today, but just don’t have the time right now. By the time I get to it, the “newness hype” will wear off and I’ll be stuck with them.

      • I’d felt like I must be the last person to know about his eyes, but I guess not. Once you’re aware of his eyes, every time you see him you’ll wonder how you *didn’t* notice all this time (and assume that you must’ve been the last person to know).

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