Six days in…

The sixth 2016 TWJ pre-season card was posted tonight at TWJ cards on tumblr. So far, we have seen Pete Rose, Bip Roberts (by request), Frank Robinson, Don Drysdale, George Scott, and Greg Luzinski. A couple of Hall of Famers, a legend, and some fan favorites. They all share another thing in common: each was selected to at least one All-Star team during their big league careers. That is the one prerequisite for inclusion in the 2016 TWJ pre-season set: an All-Star roster spot.

Who else might be appearing in the set? Obviously, I won’t be making a card for every All-Star ever. So if you have a request, you better make it known! It doesn’t matter how well-known the guy is, as long as he has made an All-Star team, he is eligible for the set!

Want a preview of who is on the horizon? How about Mark, Tim, Dave, Tom, Mike, Joe, and another Mike?

What, you wanted to see a card before it appears on the tumblr? Fine…

The Bird

The Bird himself, the late Mark Fidrych. An All-Star in his first two seasons, before injury derailed his career.

Be sure to check out TWJ cards on tumblr to see all the 2016 TWJ pre-season cards!


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