2015 ex-Reds, 1990 Score style: Travis Wood (Chicago Cubs)


Being a Cubs fan and a Reds fan at the same time is almost like eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken and calling yourself a vegetarian. Yet, here I am, proclaiming my disappointment that the Cubs lost last night to the New York Mets. I fell in love with the Cubs in 1989, the first time I visited Wrigley Field, and for years claimed them as my #1 team. The Reds are back in that #1 spot, but I’m still rooting for the Cubs when they’re not playing Cincinnati.

Travis Wood played two seasons in Cincinnati before the Reds traded him for a lump that sits in the bullpen. During his four years in Chicago, he has amassed 28 wins, and was selected to the 2013 All-Star team. He is inconsistent at best, but fun to watch when he’s throwing well. Wood is a free agent after this season, and after making $5.686 million in 2015, I’m sure he’ll be looking for a raise.

Travis Wood

I decided to have a little fun with this one, and made a variation card featuring Wood high-fiving a fan, sporting a wrestling mask, and wearing the “Chicago Wants It More” t-shirt.

Congratulations to the New York Mets, who actually wanted it more and will be facing either the Blue Jays or Royals in the World Series.


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