Vampire Legends: Chris Sarandon, Julie Carmen, Colin Farrell, Jaime Murray (Countdown to Halloween)

Chris Sarandon

Oh, Fright Night, how I love this movie. Chris Sarandon is a spectacular vampire, and William Ragsdale was great as Charley Brewster. But truly, Roddy McDowall made this film. Peter Vincent is as great a character as there ever was, a perfect tribute to the local horror movie hosts of the day. But this series isn’t about the vampire hunters—it’s about the vampires, and so Sarandon gets a card, while Vincent has to sit on the sidelines.

Julie Carmen

Unfortunately, the sequel did little to enhance the original, though both Ragsdale and McDowall returned. Instead of Sarandon’s Jerry Dandridge, Charley and Peter had to battle the vampire’s sister, Regine Dandridge.

McDowall was interested in a third installment, and arranged a meeting between original director Tom Holland and Carolco Pictures chairman Jose Menendez. Before that meeting happened, however, Menendez and his wife were tragically murdered by their sons Lyle and Erik.

Colin Farrell

Fright Night saw new life in 2011, with Colin Farrell taking on the role of Jerry Dandridge in the DreamWorks Pictures reboot. Despite being played by David Tennant, Peter Vincent character was not at all cool.

Jaime Murray

Fright Night 2: New Blood was a straight-to-video release in 2013, but by all accounts it would be a stretch to call it a sequel. The movie does not make reference to the 2011 film at all, and none of the actors from that film reprise their roles. The vampire is Gerri Dandridge, played by Jaime Murray. I have never seen the movie (and probably never will).


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