Essential Horror Movies by Michael Mallory (2015)

Essential Horror Movies

Essential Horror Movies
by Michael Mallory
Universe Publishing, 2015
228 pages

This is the time of the year that books about horror movies get more attention, with the leaves turning and the pumpkin spice flavoring everything and the greatest holiday of all right around the corner. Michael Mallory’s Essential Horror Movies looks like the book to get this year, measuring 9.4 x 12.4 and full of bloody details about the most important horror films in the world, from the Universal classics Dracula and Frankenstein to the more recent Scream and Friday The 13th. Mallory delivers a brief synopsis of each film or series, making mention of remakes and reboots, and reproducing iconic scenes from the silver screen.

Mallory also includes some interesting sidelines, spotlighting Japanese horror, the makeup artists, and made-for-television horror films. He will remind you of movies you had forgotten, that you need to watch again, and that you never knew existed. He wraps up with an article about the future of the genre, and a list of fifty additional films that all horror buffs should check out. Surprisingly, Creature From the Black Lagoon did not receive an entry into the “essential” or the “additional.” Aside from that, there is little to complain about in this impressive volume.

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