Fun Cards Submission: 1959 Topps “Baseball Shrills” Joey Votto

Votto birthday

Following a kerfuffle at home plate Wednesday night, Joey Votto was handed a two-day suspension. He is appealing the suspension on the belief that he should not have even been ejected from the game, let alone suspended. Home plate umpire Bill Welke refused to grant Votto a timeout, which led to a heated exchange between the two. Votto was subsequently ejected along with manager Bryan Price. It was the third time this season Votto has been ejected from a game.

TWJ contributor Patrick sent this “fun card” over Thursday night, and I had intended to post it Friday morning. I have no excuse for failing to do so other than forgetfulness. It’s a great card which shows humor in light of the situation.

Happy belated birthday to the 2010 NL MVP, and thank you again for a great “fun card” Patrick!


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