Paperback High EP by Pure Ed (2015)

Pure Ed Paperback High EP

Paperback High EP
by Pure Ed
Genterine Records, 2015
14 minutes

Spend less than a quarter of an hour with Pure Ed, and you will be transported back to the 1990s. A very cool garage-band, grungish release, the Paperback High EP is a simple and straightforward rocker. The EP kicks off with an intense title track that would have fit in perfect on the pre-mainstream grunge scene. “Rock & Roll W***e” is a catchy song all about future groupies, while on “Alone Like You,” Pure Ed laments, “I know I’m a joke / In a moment I may choke.” “Maggie” contains the heart-wrenching line, “I remember you like something from a dream.” The EP wraps up with a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up,” from the 1978 album This Year’s Model. Pure Ed delivers a faithful rendition, paying homage to one of the original alternative artists.

The original songs remind me very much of Nirvana’s first release (that’s Bleach,, not Nevermind), but with vocals that can actually be mostly understood when they are sung. Fans of the early grunge sound will appreciate Paperback High EP; it is not a slick, overproduced offering. The music speaks for itself without all the fancy bells and whistles often heard on modern rock radio stations.

1. Paperback High
2. Rock & Roll W***e
3. Alone Like You
4. Maggie
5. Pump It Up

Learn more about Genterine Records.

Learn more about Pure Ed.

Purchase Paperback High EP by Pure Ed (and for a limited time get Live at the Viper Room EP for free with your order).


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