1,000 and counting

The 1,000th TWJ card was posted yesterday at TWJ cards on tumblr. Texas Rangers starting pitcher Colby Lewis, who is 13-5 despite a 4.49 ERA, was the thousandth virtual card published.

Colby  Lewis Texas Rangers

The first TWJ card was posted on September 19, 2012. Johnny Cueto was the very first, followed shortly (the same day) by Mike Trout, Derek Jeter, Jason Heyward (then with the Braves), and hair metal guitarist Vinnie Vincent. Athletes from baseball, football, and basketball have been featured, along with musicians, actors, and horror icons. The subjects of TWJ cards have been exclusively baseball players since 2014, with the exception of Will Ferrell (who I guess is sorta baseball?) and Lauren Hill.

Here is a visual history of the eight designs used since 2012:


A new TWJ card is posted everyday at noon eastern during the baseball season, and at various times during the off-season. You can see the cards, 15 at a time, at TWJ cards on tumblr, or if you’re really into sensory overload, you can see all 1,000 cards (plus all additional cards that have been posted since this writing) here.

In addition to the TWJ cards on tumblr site, I have a second tumblr account that serves as a repository for all the “fun cards” based on classic trading card designs. That site can be found at TWJ fun cards on tumblr.


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  1. Excellent designs 🙂
    I do run into your cards on tumblr and always enjoy it when I do.

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