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I was going to post my review of the new Bulletboys record, Elefanté, today, but still have some finishing touches to put on it. It might be up tomorrow, or possibly Thursday.

I am also working my way through Jeff Katz’s Split Season: 1981. It’s a very heady book, detailing the negotiations between the players and owners while examining the events of the season, including Fernando Valenzuela‘s sensational rookie campaign. That review should be posted either Thursday or Friday, depending on how much time I have to devote to reading over the next couple of days.

On Friday, the new TWJ “revamped” design will debut at TWJ cards on tumblr. But I want to give you a sneak peek, so here is card #1, Jimmy Rollins wearing his Dodgers digs.

001 Jimmy Rollins

You can view all of the cards posted over the past several years of your favorite team by typing into your browser window, replacing “los-angeles-dodgers” with your favorite team name (dashes where spaces should be).


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  1. I was enjoying the “old” 2015 design, but I like this design even more. Looking forward to following the roll-out of some more of the cards.

    This kind of puts me in mind of the year (1997?) Pinnacle released a base set and then half-way through the summer released a new base set deemed New Pinnacle.

    • I honestly got tired of the “old” design very quickly. After getting a bit of feedback that reinforced my feelings toward it, I decided to scrap it and go a different direction. I’m enjoying this one much more…and I think you’ll love the Matt Harvey when it is posted later this month. It’s probably my favorite one so far.

  2. I really like the new design as well… it earns the “I would totally buy that” award. 🙂

    Is it me or is the proportions taller than standard? It has a sort of Tall Boy-ish look about it.

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