2015 Reds, 1990 Score style: Mike Leake

Mike Leake baseball card

It’s usually July before I give up on the Reds, but I couldn’t tell you what their current record is this year. Maybe .500? No idea. Hang on, I’ll look it up…

18-21. Tied for 3rd place with the Bucs. Yikes. Eight games out of first. Smh.

Mike Leake has been one of my favorite pitchers since he debuted in 2010. He has never been the ace of the staff, and probably never will be. But he’s a go-getter and wants to win every game. His ERA so far this year is only 3.62, which really isn’t awful at all. In five full seasons, he has only finished with an ERA over 4.00 twice; his lowest was 3.37 in 2013. Unfortunately he doesn’t get a whole lot of run support behind his effort, so his record is 2-2 this year.

Leake isn’t scheduled to pitch again until Friday night against the Indians in Cleveland. The Tribe is even more pathetic than the Reds have been so far this year. The Battle for Ohio should be a real blast. [/sarcasm]


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