For the Love of Baseball: A Celebration of the Game That Connects Us All edited by Lee Gutkind and Andrew Blauner (2014)


For the Love of Baseball: A Celebration of the Game That Connects Us All
edited by Lee Gutkind and Andrew Blauner
Skyhorse Publishing, 2014
256 pages

[Review by TWJ contributor Jim.]

They say baseball is a sport fading in popularity and that it is struggling to stay relevant. People are allowed to have opinions and they are allowed to be wrong, as well. Baseball is a great sport that I personally love and I enjoyed reading about others who love it as well, for many different reasons. This is a book written by not one person, but 24 different authors, all with a unique perspective on the great game of baseball. One author shared how she had a pretend career as a baseball player, and talked about how that played out. Who hasn’t had a pretend career in baseball? For the record, I’m a pitcher, who throws a great sinker and am still going strong at age 36. One author shared about his time as a bat boy for the new York Yankees and how Don Mattingly sent him looking for a bat stretcher before a game. You didn’t know that they had those? Neither did I….until i slowly picked up on the joke.

In For the Love of Baseball you will realize that there are others out there who love this great game and share similar, if not the same, affections for the game of baseball. It is a great book to read at the beginning of the season, to get excited about the upcoming year, or anytime in between. You’ll also learn some cool facts in the book, like how Finland has a version of baseball, that there are many different models of baseball gloves and you’ll read about the heart breaking story of Billy Southworth. Take some time to read this great book and remember why you love this great game, why you still look at the boxscores and why you still get excited, like you did as a kid, to walk into a ball park with the excitement of what you are about to experience.

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