TWJ cards on tumblr

TWJ cards on tumblr

If you haven’t been checking out TWJ cards on tumblr every day, you have been missing out on some interesting baseball players. From Hall of Famers Satchel Paige and Randy Johnson to not-quite-Cooperstown-level guys Julio Franco and Steve Garvey, we’ve been featuring some interesting ballers in the “pre-season” set.

I have been working on short write-ups for them as well, but that portion of the “fun card” will be ending Sunday. I have other projects that require more time, and I just can’t justify taking the time to research and write for the tumblr page. The cards will continue, however. There are 170 total cards, and only 22 have been posted so far (23 if you count today’s image, which will appear around lunchtime on the east coast). Be on the lookout for Deacon White, Ernie Banks, Rolando Arrojo, Jim Sundberg, Cesar Cedeno, Fernando Valenzuela, Paul Goldschmidt, Dan Plesac, and many others on the TWJ cards on tumblr page!

And then, on Opening Day (the real one, not the one that is played on foreign soil), the official 2015 TWJ set will start to pop up. Want a preview?


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  1. I really like these custom card designs. The design gives it a 70’s feel to them. Your player selection is great as well, by not just using the same names over and over.

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