“I should be in the Hall of Fame. Ain’t no doubt about it.”

Dave Parker

An intimidating force on the diamond, the man nicknamed “The Cobra” now battles a foe much more daunting than pitchers. “I would have liked to have been in the Hall of Fame when I could have enjoyed it properly. Not that I couldn’t now, but the Parkinson’s would have something to say about it.”

Dave Parker’s lifetime statistics make him a borderline case for Cooperstown. With 339 home runs, 1493 RBI, and a .290 batting average, he would be far from the worst selection in baseball’s hallowed shrine.

He won the National League MVP Award in 1978, though he was not invited to the All-Star Game that year. Parker did appear on the midsummer roster four times with Pittsburgh, twice with Cincinnati, and one final time with Milwaukee in 1990. He finished second in MVP voting in 1985, third in 1975 and 1977, and fifth in 1986.

Still popular with fans at autograph signings, Parker longs for recognition as a baseball immortal. “I won two batting titles, should have won two MVPs, was in three World Series, was the MVP of the All-Star Game, DH of the Year twice, and won the RBI crown. I did everything that you could possibly do in baseball and I’m not in the Hall?”

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  1. I agree. When I was a kid Dave Parker was and still is my all time favorite baseball player. Until Dave gets his spot in the Hall of Fame, I don’t care who they nominate.

  2. Dave should be in the HOF. Unfortunately, he falls in the category of Dave Winfield, Allen Trammell, Dick Allen, Tim Raines, Dave Concepcion and many others because they wasn’t super stars, they were consistent. These guys and many others were in the game every day, did their jobs. Did it without the flash and notoriety so many players seek and demand. Billy Beane built many ball teams with guys of this caliber.

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